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Journal: Bias and Self-awareness

Janice Mattie

Walden University

SOCW-6051 Diversity, Human Rights and Social Justice

Dr. Andridia Mapson



What was your experience of completing the implicit bias test? Which test did you choose, and why?

Reflecting on the self-awareness test was interesting. It allowed me to think deeply to give a clear

and precise answer. The questions were occasionally considered but never asked how I might I feel

about a particular topic. I took the ADDRESSING-GSA- Self-Assessment test to recognize the

cultural characteristics of individuals. As social workers, it is essential to adapt and understand

people from all different cultural backgrounds. The result from the test shows what areas I was

more dominant in and what areas I was less dominant in. The results were not surprising to me,

and they gave me a better perspective of what areas I will need to learn and understand better.

Social workers need to be culturally competent, be self-aware of areas that exhibit bias, and be

willing to work on those areas.

What self-awareness themes have emerged so far in Week 1’s Discussion and this week’s activities?

The self-awareness themes that have emerged from the discussions are reflecting on oneself and

digging deep to know yourself. As well as how do I perceive myself culturally and the dimension

of diversity? Reading through the learning recourses from the course in both weeks were a great

learning experience for me in addressing cultural, diversity and that is expected, especially since

this is the class that it is being taught. Learning the dynamics of culture and diversity will be a

great asset as the social work profession will be working with individuals of all backgrounds.

Identify a population that you are not comfortable with or would like to know more about; this could be a population represented by the implicit bias test you took, but it does not have to be.

I would say that I am comfortable with all types of populations. I work amongst a vastly diverse

group of people that I call my second family from home. The people that I would like to learn

more about are young adult and the elderly population. Young adults are at a critical development

Andridia Mapson
For this assignment you were to take the Harvard University Project Implicit Bias Test
Andridia Mapson


period of their lives. They are legally an adult but are not mentally or financially able to care for

themselves. Many of them are in the system and aging out. I often wonder what will be their next

step for their future. How will they get healthcare coverage for health check-ups? Where will they

live, and how safe are the areas where they reside? The elderly population is another group of

people that I would like to learn more about. They are considered vulnerable as some have to rely

on caretakers for their daily needs. Learning about these two different populations will gives me a

better understand on planning and finding the resources to help this group.

Why might you feel discomfort or want to know more about this population? Consider your origins of thought, socialization into your culture and family, and any biases you may have.

It is tough to say that this group would make me feel discomfort. I am comfortably adapting to all

groups of people; however, what might make me think discomfort is a client who has a language

barrier or an elderly who shows bias issues with having a person of color working with the

individual. Although there may be reasons that can lead one to feel discomfort as a worker, it will

be my mission to uphold the NASW Code of Ethics in all areas of my work and to help as much as

I can.



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