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Discussion Lead Group 1Week 2 – Environmental (in)Justice in the City

McCarthy et al. (2021)_________________________________

Main Goal:● Gather concentration data for harmful

air pollutants before highwayredevelopment project nearElyria-Swansea

Variables:● Independent:

○ Location in relation to highwayat time of measurement

○ Area wind patterns● Dependent:

○ Pollutant concentration■ Black Carbon (BC)■ Air toxics

Results:● BC concentrations at 180 m from

highway higher than background● No significant difference for air toxics● Smaller concentrations than previous

studies overallFuture Work:

● Follow-up study after redevelopmentOur Thoughts:

● Startling → normally, it’s hard toconceptualize the effects of autoemissions

Discussion Questions:● Part of the problem with fighting

pollution is the fact that people can’talways easily see the effects ofpolluting factors. How can thisproblem be addressed?

● How might race and class come intoplay with this issue?

Milbourn & Geurtin (2020)_________________________________

Main Goal:● Examine how brewers view their

impact on the environmentArgument:

● The brewing industry should beexamined under a Green Criminologyframework

Conclusion:● “Big beer” is likely to blame for most of

the pollution that occurs within theindustry

● Craft breweries still have negativeimpact on environment

○ Brewers somewhat aware ofthis

Limitations:● Location: Only focused on a relatively

small area for conducting interviews(mid-Atlantic and NE US)

● Gender: Only 3 females interviewedFuture Work:

● Address above limitationsOur Thoughts:

● While we believe there are peoplepassionate about the expansion ofbrewing tanks, it seems to be doingmore harm than good.

Discussion Questions:● Is the expansion of the brewing

industry ultimately worth it for theenvironment?

● How can the Coors Brewing Companymake improvements to benefit theenvironment?

● With the main limitations of locationand gender, which one do you feelcaused a bigger restriction? Why?

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