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Reply A chris G

This week I chose the Dalai Lama because he promotes peace and care. I like how he said that there were great differences in our ways of thinking and how this would be an inevitable difference in both our religion and our faith. I also liked how he said that we should all live on the basis of mutual respect and mutual admiration. I think he believed that we were all basically the same. That we were all human beings. I love that he wanted to promote his own religion of Buddhism of compassion. I think it is amazing for people to look outside themselves and their own personal beliefs to support human kind and of their religions.

My family was non-denominational so I can see why I liked this Philosopher. We went to a non-denominational church when we went. My family has always been for peace and for people to make their own choices on religion. They did not discriminate against any kind of religion or culture. I was raised to believe that every person is different and every person has a different background and how it was important to let people be themselves.

I have pretty much been in the U.S. my whole life and have really been in a different culture situation other than everyday life here. I do not understand why other people at times discriminate against other religions and cultures. In my opinion we have no right to treat anyone differently just because of their religion or their personal beliefs. I believe we should tolerate others beliefs. I think it is wrong not to let people live their lives how they want to and to choose which religion they choose. Every person has a different background and different story. We should be more like Dalai Lama and promote peace and care instead of hate and unkindness.

Reply B Ojany Mc

The philosopher I have chosen for this week is Dalai Lama. I was drawn to the Dalai Lama for the reason my friend’s dad was telling me about him years ago. I ended up purchasing a book written by him called “An Appeal to the World”. The Dalai Lama covers various topics in the book and his viewpoint on them. I am always interested in people’s thoughts on religion and Dalai Lama believed that religion creates violence and separation among each other. This is a theory that I personally agree with and the book is a short read so it makes everything easy to read and straight to the point. 

I am actually mixed race and grew up in schools that were PWI’s, I am African American mixed with Panamanian and Colombian so I grew up learning lots about my Latino roots and culture. My father has traveled all over the world since he was in the Military so he has a great appreciation for cultures, races, and religions. Growing up in PWI’s it felt hard to connect with certain people since I grew up different culturally, I used to dislike my roots but as I got older I began to love them. There is a lot of Latinos in Oklahoma but mostly of Mexican descent, Panamanian slang, and culture are different also I am Black passing so many kids did not know I was Latino Heritage so it was hard to really fit in. As I grew up I gradually got a solid friend group we are all from different cultures and backgrounds and I think we became so close since we all felt a bit like outcasts. 

I do believe respecting everyone’s cultural values is important but there are things that we should be tolerant of. Some cultures are very LGTBQ+ friendly and they use the excuse as that is how they grew which is wrong. Oklahoma is in the “Bible Belt” and with the new law in an act that bans a woman’s right to her own body and people who voted for it say that it’s against the bible. Morality and how a person is treated should not vary on your race, religion or culture. 

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