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Observation Techniques: Film Analysis

Melissa Soto

South University

May 6, 2022

Name of Movie :


The movie I have chosen is WALLE a computer-animated science fiction film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. This movie is a love story between a robot who spends his days tidying up the planet, clearing the waste on post apocalyptic world. He meets another robot EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator ) who is programmed to scan the planet for signs of sustainable life.Wall-e while seeing eve become smitten with her that he end up following her, and that is when Wall-e embarks great adventure in following EVE across the galaxy. EVE finds a seedling in the planet and a probe collects her and returns to her ship that is called Axiom. This is where humans reside due to the results of the earth turning into waste land. The seeding is in fact proof of life in the planet and with this will result in prompting the spaceship to return to earth and restart recolonization. The robots are united as humans begins to live on earth.

The main characters of this film are two robots who met in the most unlikeliest situation and fall in love. The film is set on a post-apocalyptic waste filled earth. The humans are living abroad a spaceship Axiom which is light years away from earth whose passengers are a human race oblivious to planet earth. The story changes when EVE ,programmed for detecting life forms finds a seedling .

In the movie when EVE finds the seedling she goes into a standby mode. WALL-E who is in love with her tries out everything to wake her up. He holds an umbrella to protect her from rain and in turn gets hit by a lightning, twice. He covers her up from the sandstorm and even tries to use his solar powered battery to bring her back to life. The relentless trying to take care of someone in love brings a human emotion to the solar powered robot. The way he is in love with her ,with no way of communicating with her is sweet. Doing everything in his power to not loose her ,which involves a space trip to an unknown place makes this Pixar movie a relatable one where, we forget the logic about artificial intelligence and see as simply as two people in love.

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