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1) Main steps you plan to take to pursue the objectives and find the solution within the clear and structured timeline



This proposal outlines the right marketing plan for strong your company’s brand awareness along with the detailed descriptions of our recommendations and steps. 


· Design a new logo for smart the brand recognition. 

· Develop a website and order booking system. 

· Spread your brand with Social Media marketing  

Monitoring brand reputation by using social media marketing platform and using influencer’s positive effect to promote brand.  

· Provide the SEO tools to optimize the website’s traffic. 

· Invest in PPC Advertising 

· Email Marketing 

· Pose contents about the company’s background and share the tips for cleaning to inspire customers 

· Distribute flyers include service, description, discount, availability and sells directly to customers 

· “Word of Mouth” Encourage a referral program to meet up with potential customers in person. 

· Maintain the reputation, listen and fulfill customer’s needs    




Enhance the brand awareness and attract customers, showing respect to the customers are the powerful sustainable advantages for the organizations. Provide the professional highest standard cleaning technology to meet the customer’s requirement and keep the good relationship with them.  



Description of Potential Solutions 

Organizational Branding  

Creating a corporate brand is an important task; identifying the mission, values, vision, slogan, and logo provides an entity for “Jetsudz Cleaning Inc.” and effectively promotes the business to the potential client (Ajike, 2015). 


Market segmentation and market boundaries 

The segmentation and delimitation of the customers of Jetsudz Cleaning Inc. company is a critical element in determining where the company is targeting its customers. Creating a list of potential customers and classifying them into diverse groups allows companies to develop strategies for the right audiences (Dolnicar et al., 2018). 


Marketing Communication Tools 

In promoting Jetsudz Cleaning Inc., it is necessary to use marketing tools effectively. The idea is to massively reach the public by advertising the trade name and highlighting the professional work that the company does and the mission of the organization. A clear marketing strategy is a primary tool to reach customers and create trade bonds (Nikunen et al.,2017). 


Create a professional Website and Provide SEO tools 

When a business has a website, it raises its prestige while allowing customers to increase their confidence level in the product or service. A website will help boost the sales, productivity, and market value of Jetsudz Cleaning Inc. (Ntui, 2021). 

This proposal will give the main recommendations for creating and managing the company website. 





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