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SHARP Essay #627

The purpose of this essay is explain why cases of sexual assault and harassment continue to take place in the Army, despite all of the preventative training and education. Sexual assault and harassment demand the question of why they continue even with education. This conflicting occurrence has deeply affected the sustainment of unit readiness throughout the Army. These complications in eliminating the statistics, push boundaries in the Army’s solution measures. As such, exploring the causes and effects is essential for the problem at hand.

With the factors for unwanted sexual advances being plentiful, alcohol is the most concerning. Alcohol, according to National Institute of Health (NIH), contributes to one-half of sexual assault cases. The reports being from studies in civilian factors, they relate to the Army as well. As motor skills decrease, decision-making becomes poor along with it. With alcoholism also being a crisis within our ranks, it acts as a complicated dilemma. Despite annual briefs on preventative measures, alcohol-related incidents prove to make these briefs unsuccessful. Any soldier can be competent, but it only takes impairment to ruin it all.

The National Institute of Health also puts into account the close-friend perpetrator factor. This factor states that at least eighty percent of the victims know the perpetrator closely. Although these studies were done in non-military environments, they would still apply. Soldiers interact in cohesive units with trust that can become disrupted by cultural factors. Factors such as hyper-masculinity and the limiting of empathy in duty performance. These factors contribute to underreporting, which denies the perpetrator’s punishment. Underreporting is caused when reporting on a friend is seen as betrayal and embarrassing. This underreporting gives someone the wrong message of the SHARP Essay #627

Army’s justice system. This allows more offenses to be made without punishment or interference.

The urgency of effective listening in Sexual assault prevention classes should be taken into account. In some cases, instructors and students disregard the severity of the topics with humor. Critical discussions ending with laughter to education on sexual innuendos can deter the purpose. A scenario given could be taken as comedy in instruction, making the class’s significance futile. This unprofessional environment prevents the way the message is carried after class. Composition of instructional tone in class must be a factor to the issue.

Awareness of these factors must be noted but do not belittle the efficiency of classes. Whether it is impairment or social environments, focusing on one cause is key.

It could be implementing more alcohol-related education or unit cohesion events. The Army will always work to educate everyone in the ranks, becoming steps towards readiness. If it focuses on one step at a time, it can efficiently combat the factors stated before. Mitigation of sexual-related incidents is a long battle, but one with solutions coming in progress.

SHARP Essay #627

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