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Senior Experience

College of Education Health & Human Services Media Plan


Statement of Problem

Market/Segment Analysis


Social Media





Unsatisfied with CEHHS Website

Not Stakeholder facing

Isn’t Engaging for the community

Needs a Marketing Strategy (Social Media)

Our team was asked to create a media plan for The College of Education Health and Human Services that would helped improve the company website and gain more traction on social media platforms. CEHHS also needs a plan to thair increase their renown with local students and collaborators/donors.

Market/Segment Analysis





Positioning Statement

(need better title)

The goal is to increase awareness for the College of Education, Health, and Human Services in San Marcos through a consumer facing approach, CEHHS will increase and expand its online and media presence to engage the community in building its student base internally and its community partners externally.

The goal is to increase awareness for the College of Education, Health, and Human Services in San Marcos

through a consumer facing approach, CEHHS will increase and expand its online and media presence to engage the community in building its student base internally and its community partners externally.

Social Media Branding


Uniform Profile Picture and Username across


Tie in CSUSM brand across all platforms

Increase Recognition/Recognizable areas with

room for improvement

Pick the mock logo photo you like the best






You can delete this if it’s not needed

-This is a good example of consistent branding across media platforms from San Diego State University as you can see, they have the same profile picture and name for most of their accounts.

Media Platforms Lead to Website

Social media should always point to the website

Increase Website Hits

Updating Website

Engaging and Connecting

News, Events, Announcements, and Information About Classes and Majors

The website should be constantly updated with fresh content featuring news, events, announcements, and information about classes and majors. This is extremely important in providing a good experience for new and returning users. The content that is put on the main page of the website should be engaging and designed to attract the outside community while allowing them to feel connected to the college


The biggest difference I notice is how as soon as you get on Colorado State’s website, you see how the college is impacting the community with stories that are constantly changing. This shows external stakeholders the importance of the college and what future students could be participating in.

Social media should always point to the website. The college website should be the landing page for everyone that is looking at any of the CEHHS social media channels.

Regular posting schedule across platforms to maximize engagement

Take advantage of new platforms ie. TikTok


Social Media management Software (Hootsuite)

Media Management Internship

Social Media Posting

Having a posting schedule that is consistent and at high traffic times will maximize engagement. The college should share posts that are relevant to CSUSM and CEHHS as well as use keywords and hashtags that will generate views from the community interested in what CEHHS has to offer.


Social Media Management Platform

Manage all channels in one place

Track Analytics

Schedule Posts

& much more

Hootsuite is a social media management platform where you can manage all of your social media channels in one place. You can track your analytics, schedule posts, and interact with the community with ease. It is easy to use and makes managing several accounts easier and more organized. There is also training within the platform that walks you through using the software, as well as giving you tips and tricks for successful social media marketing.

TikTok (New Platforms)

Newest and fastest growing social media platform

Ways CEHHS can take advantage of this:

Connect with the community

Post notable alumni stories

Informative videos

Quick campus/college tours

We believe it is very important for the college to adopt the use of TikTok as a way to maximize engagement with the community. TikTok is the best platform for a college to reach the younger demographic of potential students. CEHHS can post all types of content from alumni stories to show the success the college has had with students, quick videos to update and inform the community about what is happening within the college, and take followers along campus tours virtually.

Media Management Internship

Lightens the load on CEHHS employees

Gives students the opportunity to use learned skills

Maximize the potential reach and engagement of the college through consistent work

Now, implementing these things we discussed, although made easier by setting a regular posting schedule and using Hootsuite, we think it would be in the best interest of the college to create work with COBA or CEHHS to create a marketing internship that could allow students to work on the college’s social media management, which would massively help the college maximize their potential and give students real life experience working in social media marketing.



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