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Hannah Alanis

Monday2 May at 14:14

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It’s hard to say whether or not Americans should or should not have a right to medical care only because there is so much you have to account for. For example, our book Essentials of Health Economics explains, “social insurance systems were originally more concerned with equity and provided the most of what people wanted without a great deal of concern with efficiency” (Dewar, 2017). What this means is that focusing on what the people wanted was the main priority although the efficiency of what they were doing was not there. It’s very hard to figure out how to pay for the medical care that the people want. When it comes to basic medical care such as doctor visits, check ups, tests, etc. These basic steps to ensure nothing is wrong with the patient should be considered a right to have. We should all be able to have access to a doctor just to make sure nothing is happening internally. Although, it’s hard to say that anything past that is not a right but a privilege. Some would say it’s not fair that us people have to pay money to help others pay for their own health care needs when they are lazy or don’t want to help themselves.Which in this case is understandable, why would you want to help someone who is just lazy. Although there are some people who are actually sick and don’t have the means to afford the treatment or care after those basic medical care steps.  In this case I feel like you should help them. So, this just shows that there are so many different circumstances and so many different factors that play a role into this question that it’s very difficult to say.According to the article, Is HealthCare a Right? Health Reforms in the USA and Their Impact Upon the Concept of Care explains, “Failure to access care early on will undoubtedly lead to individuals consuming a greater portion of healthcare resources, should the degree of their morbidity escalate, and therefore increase the burden on health provision” (Maruthappu et al., 2012). By stating this the author is explaining that if individuals do not get the basic health care services the more expensive and using up more of the resources that are provided. It’s a very tricky question to answer and I think it depends on the circumstances. 


Dewar, D. M. (2017). Essentials of Health Economics. Jones & Bartlett Learning

Maruthappu, M., Ologunde, R., & Gunarajasingam, A. (2012, February 5). Is health care a right? health reforms in the USA and their impact upon the concept of care. Annals of medicine and surgery (2012). Retrieved May 2, 2022, from 

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