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Reply #1 and #2: Post has no errors in spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc. Demonstrates analysis of others’ posts; extends meaningful discussion by building on previous posts

Multiple points from multiple participants clearly built upon/refuted in postings

Reply #1: Hi everyone, my name is Taryn Rodriguez and I am 25 years old. I have been married to my husband for almost two years, we have two kids with one more on the way. I was in the Army for 7 years and recently got out in January in 2021 right before I had our second baby. I am currently working on my degree for healthcare administration, I graduate in April next year and I am beyond excited.

In the military we use tons of different communication types. We have used nonverbal communication skills, such as hand and arm signals when leading a vehicle or maneuvering squads. We have written communication skills, with memos on things that needed to be done, emails, counseling’s, and even awards. A lot of times when talking verbally with someone in the military their posture and or stance is important, this can tell you who is talking to who, rather it be and enlisted person talking to a higher enlisted than them, the same rank as them, or maybe a commanding officer. Most communication I would say used in the military would be assertive, due to the fact you have to be confident and loud, even when you are wrong, you still want to try and sound confident most time. There are people who are passive communicators, because they are “people-pleasers.”

Reply #2: Hi, I’m Cole Miracle. Currently, I’m not working, but a job I had in the recent past was working as an IT intern at a college. The forms of communication there were mostly verbal and through email, with a lot less phone communication than I thought there would be. Verbal communication was the most common, as I worked at the front desk of the IT department and handled most of the walk-ins. Email and phone communication was normally handled by one of my higher-ups in the back, and I rarely was personally sent emails or phoned. During my time there, I never really took culture into account when speaking to others, and since the school had a large foreign population, I think I could have done well to take into account the culture of the person I was communicating with.



Reply #3 #4 #5 and #6: Both response posts are at least 100 words. Responded as required with insight to at least two classmates.

Reply #3: When international transactions are recorded, they go into one of four accounts. The current account, the capital account, the financial account (apart from official reserves), and the official reserve account. Each account records a particular type of transaction, for instance, the current account records the imports and exports of goods and services. Therefore, the status of one of those accounts, i.e., the current account, is not the only factor that influences a country’s economy. The financial account records the difference between U.S. purchases of foreign assets (imports) and U.S. sales of assets to foreigners (exports). Exports represent capital inflow (credit), whereas imports are recorded as a debit or capital outflow. The examples in our text provide U.S. account information from 2018, which reveals the financial account had a surplus of $524.5 billion. A surplus of the financial account indicates the capital inflow exceeds capital outflow. So, despite the U.S. current account deficit of ($488.5 billion), the financial account surplus offset the current account deficit. The primary causes of the U.S. deficits are due to our imports exceeding our exports. The U.S. tends to use more outputs than produced, and conversely, it is the opposite for Japan. The account surplus of Japan can be attributed to the fact that Japan heavily reinvests the large current account surpluses into foreign businesses, stocks and bonds, and real estate. Furthermore, the U.S. is the world’s largest debtor, whereas Japan has become the largest creditor (Eun, 2020).

Reply #4: The difference is seemingly confusing at first glance from the contradictory position that the textbook offers. However, after analyzing the difference between accounts and differences between the imports and exports of the different countries a trend began to appear. The capital balance between current and financial accounts must be directly inverse as a result of the difference between cash inflows from foreign investment and outflows related to purchases of foreign assets. The difference in performance between the United States and Japan in regards to the difference in their accounts is likely tied to the large dependence that is placed upon the U.S. dollar compared to the Yen. Virtually all foreign exchange can be completed utilizing the U.S. dollar and much foreign and domestic investment utilizes the currency. With most foreign currencies tied to a floating exchange rate with the U.S. dollar, a strong dependence occurs.

Much of the United States’ negative current account likely comes as a result of its overdependence on imports versus their exports. There are much greater imports in the United States due to the lower cost of labor versus importing costs. The country is largely seen as a consumer of foreign credit as a result. Much of these increases come as a result of unprecedented healthcare, and defense spending. This effect has largely had an influential impact on the current and financial account balance. Additionally, these numbers get skewed from foreign direct investment through acquisitions of smaller domestic firms or by the addition of local assets such as a vehicle plant built internationally to facilitate a greater reach.

Reply #5: Cryptocurrency is a fascinating topic that I have been interested in for quite some time now. It has always seemed like such an abstract idea to me that it is difficult to wrap my mind around sometimes. It does seem that cryptocurrency is becoming ever more prevalent with many athletes and large celebrity influencers taking parts of there salary in bitcoin. People like Elon Musk accept Bitcoin as an actual form of payment for his Teslas. It is things like this that make crypto more valuable. Crypto is not immune to the simple supply and demand cycles like just like many other products. That is the main basis as to how crypto is valued. There are also many other factors that influence the price of crypto currencies though. One of those being the cost of mining it and then the process of verifying it to the Blockchain. (I am doing this specifically on Bitcoin). Even news outlets have a large influence on the value of bitcoin. Government regulation (or the lack there of) can also influence the value of Bitcoin. Lastly the regulations that apply to the selling and buying of crypto also have implications on the value.

Reply #6: The value of cryptocurrency seems to revolve around how useful the community perceives it to be. On the exchange platforms, cryptocurrencies gain value based on supply and demand (Gogol, 2021). While I am certainly not an expert on this topic, I have seen the headlines from time to time along with most people, and I know that cryptocurrency’s popularity has increased tremendously. Demand is one of the factors that is affected by how much this currency is used. “If the crypto monetary system works well (i.e. fast transactions and low fees), if smart contracts become more commonplace, and if more businesses start to accept crypto, the demand for crypto will increase,” says Gogol (2021). It will be interesting to see just how much more widespread cryptocurrency becomes in the coming years. With the very large debts that countries like the United States are accumulating, along with decreasing confidence in the usefulness of the fiat currency system, I sense this monetary system can pick up steam rather quickly. Other factors that come into play when considering the basis of value of cryptocurrency is that they can function as a store of value and a unit of exchange, and they demonstrate key attributes such as scarcity, divisibility, and durability, to enable their use in an economy (Kelleher, 2022). A store of value means it can hold its value over time. In the past, currencies like gold and silver were used because they were durable and held their value. Furthermore, society agreed upon their value, and thus, successfully used those currencies as a method of payment.

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