Question 1 of 20                                                                                                         2.0 Points

While opening the doors to a new population of heroin abusers, heroin smoking avoids the problem of __________.

A.HIV-contaminated needles

B. overdose

C. combining use with cocaine

D. dependence

Question 2 of 20                                                                                                         2.0 Points


The reason why cocaine has such extreme effects on the heart is due to __________.

A. excitation of the sympathetic nervous system

B. inhibition of the parasympathetic nervous system

C. inhibition of the autonomic nervous system

D. both A and B

Question 3 of 20                                                                                                         2.0 Points

A major side effect of stimulant medication (e.g., Ritalin) treatment for ADHD is _______.

A. nasal congestion

B. suppression of normal speech

C. paradoxical movements in the fingers

D. suppression of height and weight growth

Question 4 of 20                                                                                                         2.0 Points

If you were to order the following from strongest to least strong, it would be __________.

A.morphine, heroin, opium

B.heroin, opium, morphine

C.morphine, opium, heroin

D.heroin, morphine, opium

Question 5 of 20                                                                                                         2.0 Points

The impact of the Harrison Act encourage opiate abusers to obtain opiates _____________.

A. through pharmacies

B. at reduced prices

C. illegally

D. through the government

Question 6 of 20                                                                                                         2.0 Points

The euphoric effects of amphetamines result from changes in _______.

A. dopamine activity

B. serotonin activity

C. the reuptake of epinephrine

D. the blood-brain barrier

Question 7 of 20                                                                                                         2.0 Points

A kindling effect ______________.

A. is another name for tolerance

B. is a degeneration of cells in the lungs

C. is essentially a reverse tolerance effect

D. means that an abuser is increasingly less sensitive to a drug

Question 8 of 20                                                                                                         2.0 Points

Medical professionals recommend that a cocaine abuser wishing to quit should _______.

A. avoid situations that cause drug urges

B. undergo a fasting diet to get rid of the residual effects of cocaine

C. maintain one’s lifestyle, only without cocaine

D. reduce the amount of cocaine ingested gradually

Question 9 of 20                                                                                                         2.0 Points

The synaptic effect of cocaine is to __________.

A. block the effect of dopamine

B. speed up the reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine

C. block the effect of norepinephrine

D. slow down the reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine

Question 10 of 20                                                                                                       2.0 Points

A major development related to heroin abuse in the United States in the late 1960s was ________.

A. a widespread opposition to drug-taking behavior

B. a sharp decline in heroin prices on the street

C. heroin abuse among U.S. soldiers in Vietnam

D. increased success in controlling international heroin smuggling

Question 11 of 20                                                                                                       2.0 Points

Which of the following statements is true?

A. Morphine is absorbed into the brain faster than heroin.

B. Heroin and morphine cannot be absorbed into the brain because neither can pass through the blood-brain barrier.

C. Heroin is absorbed into the brain faster than morphine.

D. Heroin and morphine are absorbed equally quickly into the brain.

Question 12 of 20                                                                                                       2.0 Points

The stimulant properties of amphetamines were considered superior to those of cocaine because amphetamines __________.

A. were less easily absorbed in the bloodstream

B. produced effects over a shorter period of time

C. have higher stimulant properties when taken on a full stomach

D. could be taken orally

Question 13 of 20                                                                                                       2.0 Points

Which statement is NOT true?

A. The environmental setting in which heroin is taken has an effect on the user.

B. Many death occur because the potency of heroin sold on streets can vary from 0 percent to 90 percent

C. Ninety-five percent of heroin-related deaths are caused by taking heroin alone.

D. Heroin-related death can happen so fast that victims are sometimes found with needles still in their veins.

Question 14 of 20                                                                                                       2.0 Points

The behavioral features of amphetamine psychosis is highly similar to __________.

A. depression

B. paranoid schizophrenia

C. panic attack

D. major depression

Question 15 of 20                                                                                                       2.0 Points

Which of the following CANNOT be said about the meth epidemic?

A.As of 2006, domestic meth lab seizures have been declared illegal.

B. The meth epidemic has led to an increased number of foster children.

C. Meth abuse has been concentrated in mostly non-urban areas.

D.A recent shift from domestic to international trafficking of meth has occurred.

Question 16 of 20                                                                                                       2.0 Points

Heavy methamphetamine users have shown changes in the brain commonly associated with __________.

A. epilepsy

B. schizophrenia

C. Parkinson’s Disease

D. heroin abuse

Question 17 of 20                                                                                                       2.0 Points

Which statement concerning opium use in the nineteenth century is NOT true?

A. Federal laws were made prohibiting opium smoking only.

B. Opium usage in the United States was drastically different than that in Britain.

C. Opium use was more popular with women than with men.

D. Products containing opium were available through Sears’ catalogs.

Question 18 of 20                                                                                                       2.0 Points

It was originally thought that oxycodone (brand name: OxyContin) was ________.

A. useless for treating pain

B. more addictive than Vicodin

C. a useful treatment for skin itching

D. safe from potential abuse

Question 19 of 20                                                                                                       2.0 Points

Prior to the eighteenth century, the Chinese used opium almost exclusively as a treatment for __________.

A. cocaine withdrawal

B. asthma

C. constipation

D. diarrhea and pain

Question 20 of 20                                                                                                       2.0 Points

All four categories of narcotic drugs share the following common feature: __________________.

A. they each represent an illicit street drug

B. an extreme level of dependence

C. a chemical similarity to morphine or its derivatives

D. an ability to produce analgesia



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