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Please revise the paper attached according to the feedback given below. Also, the instructions and the completed p


Please revise the paper attached according to the feedback given below. Also, the instructions and the completed p


Please revise the paper attached according to the feedback given below. Also, the instructions and the completed paper are attached.

You wrote in your paper ” The competitive analysis emphasizes direct rivals who offer almost similar functionality; comparative analysis, on the other hand, considers both active and passive competitors, especially competitors that only offer a tiny percentage of your features. Comparative analysis has the benefit of allocating the user to incorporate a broad range of rivals and collect more detailed data than competitive analysis. (Peltier, 2017) Comparative analysis is the practice of contrasting and contrasting objects. When a company wants to investigate a concept, a problem, a hypothesis, or a concern, it may utilize a comparative analysis to capture a greater understanding of the situation and develop methods to address it. (Peltier, 2017)This sort of study might be utilized by a business that analyzes things with evident distinctions or items with both differences and commonalities. Healthcare companies might use this research to distinguish two distinct types of drugs, for example. Other firms could do a comparative analysis to see which of the two manufacturing methods is the most efficient. A competitive analysis is an approach that involves studying main rivals’ products, revenues, as well as product promotion. Conducting a competitive market study has several advantages, including strengthening corporate strategy, warding off rivals, and grabbing market share. (Peltier, 2017) There is a need to maintain market price share. The increase in the book value shows that the company is in a successful condition in the market. The increase in the book value indicates that investors have positive tensions about investment in the company’s share.



Price per share : $83.62

EPS this year : $1

EPS last year : $1


Price per share : $199.34

EPS this year : $21.16

EPS last year : $21.18

Given this information,


P/E ratio :83.62/ 1= 83.62

Earnings growth rate : 1/1 = 1%

PEG ratio : 83.62/ 1 = 1:83.62

FEEDBACK : As far as the comparative analysis for ABC and HCA. You had to evaluate the provided financial statements of the firm to find its true condition and valuation, supporting the evaluation with details and examples to illustrate the strengths and weaknesses. In other words, you have to do a specific comparison of all of ABC’s financial ratios with HCA’s financial ratios, i.e PE, PB, BVPS. EPS, PEG and stock market price order to determine the financial strengths and weaknesses of each firm. Your analysis has to be more detailed and specific.

Here is a link to check historical price to book value and other financial ratios. HCA Healthcare Price to Book Ratio 2006-2021 | HCA | MacroTrends.

Please review the significance of negative PB values in comparison to ABC/s PB values. In addition, what is the significance of a negative tangible net worth? Also please calculate the PEG ratio for both ABC and HCA and provide the requested comparison. FYI, your caluculations for ABC’s PEG ratio is incorrect and you did not provide a comparison.

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