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Pediatric Fertility Preservation Reflection

Veronica horne

Southern New Hampshire University

IHP 670

April 24, 2022

Pediatric Fertility Preservation Reflection

In this course, I have gained valuable knowledge that will assist me in furthering my future and professional career in the healthcare field. What I’ve learned is how to properly design and arrange a program that will improve the quality of life at a healthcare organization for both staff and management, but most importantly for the patients we serve. Even though I’ve never been particularly adept at creating budgets, I was able to improve my understanding of them while working on this project. I also learned the importance of having one in place. Program-planning abilities are required. Developing an effective program takes extensive study and financial resources. Throughout this course, I was able to get an understanding of how to properly construct and prepare for the execution of a budget. When it comes to ensuring that a company keeps on schedule and completes tasks on time, one of the most crucial roles is that of a manager. Employees are hired, terminated, and punished by the manager, who has the last say. The business’s management must employ personnel who are capable of doing the tasks that will be given to them inside the organization. When a new employee is hired, the company’s management must train him or her to comprehend the company’s business operations and operating procedures. Management will closely monitor the employee’s performance once the training period has concluded. If any weaknesses are detected, management will take appropriate measures to correct them. In addition, the manager is responsible for monitoring and regulating expenditures and budgets, as well as for planning and setting objectives for future events and reporting scorecard results to upper-level executives. For a program to be successful, the program manager must oversee every aspect of the program before deployment.

As a future healthcare professional, assuming the job of a manager will provide him with an opportunity to exhibit his exceptional leadership talents. Among the responsibilities of the health, the manager will be to guarantee that the organization’s objectives are reached while also allowing its employees to submit constructive input to achieve good performance. If they are in charge of the creation, planning, and evaluation of programs, they must be strategic thinkers with a diverse set of talents. When discussing program management, it is important to note that it encompasses both human and non-human resources. Program management is described as the process of defining, planning, and carrying out a program’s objectives using different ways (Longest, 2015).

Managers may utilize planning in both positive and bad ways, depending on their objectives. As a manager, it’s critical to understand the specific tasks and objectives associated with each job/week so that you can plan ahead of time properly. It is possible to address any queries or issues that arise throughout the day using the information provided on this page. As a result, the organization’s efficiency and capacity to function as a cohesive one will be enhanced. A manager’s skill is the ability to coordinate actions that benefit the organization, which is another key component of a corporation’s structure and operation. The development of roles that will create groups and teams to discover solutions will be the most effective resource in this regard. It is conceivable that this will be justified by the resolution of specific challenges and the identification of other methods of achieving the company’s fundamental aim. Information that may be used to improve the operations of a firm is examined and obtained through the process of assessment in managerial positions. As a manager, participating in an assessment may offer you important feedback and assist you in determining which parts of the company’s performance need to be improved. To justify the allocation of resources, it may be necessary to demonstrate that each development concept works in concert with the others.


Longest, B. B. (2015). Health Program Management: From Development through Evaluation(2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 978-1-118-83470-1

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