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Part 1: Knowledge of the Student – 15 points

Identify one bi/ multilingual learner in your practice and provide a social history. This may be a forensic review of a student you recently worked with. Analyze any data provided that distinguishes between educational needs, i.e., SIFE evaluations, and language needs. If this data is not available, add your own interpretation of the same in light of your learning of language assessment gleaned from this course. Identify the reasons and data this student was evaluated for special education or related services. Be sure address any labels (mis)used given and used for this student and for what purpose and effect (see Session 2 video and readings).

Guide for Part 1: Knowledge of the Students

(10 points)

1.1. Description of Students’ Backgrounds: 3 points (1 paragraph description on the classroom, followed by one paragraph description for the student)

Introduce the classroom/ clinical setting information:

1. Bilingual Program or other program and what that means in your school/ setting

2. Grade Level

3. Social Background

4. Any other information important for us to know this student

Include background information for the students (creating a pseudonym for each student) that you will base this assignment on and that may affect interpretation of assessments:

5. Student country/place of origin

6. Home language practices

7. Time in school and/or time in bilingual program at school (education background)

8. Language proficiency levels as determined by school assessments (NYSESLAT, ELA)

9. SIFE testing results (if any are available)

10. Language goals as determined by school assessments or curricula

For reasons of confidentiality, do not give the school or students’ real names but give each student a pseudonym.

1.2. Description of Diagnostic Assessments and Needs: 3 point (1 paragraph with table, if data is available in this standard format) Include and discuss any data provided by educators or practitioners that helped merit the need for psychoeducational testing. What did it say about the student’s abilities or progress? How did it reveal a need for additional testing? What suspicions were at play?

1.3. Language Learning Needs : 3 points (1 paragraph)

Write a reflection on this data in light of the student’s language needs and assumed socioemotional and or educational abilities.

1. How was the students’ language capacities in both home and target language considered (i.e., continuum of promise and deficit?)

2. Were language needs and levels overlooked or overgeneralized? Explain.

Additional points for Part 1: An additional 1 point is reserved for correct grammar and readability.


Part I:

, Jose’s teacher sent home a classroom inquiry questionnaire to obtain background information Jose and his family. In response to a question, Jose’s father responded, “Jose es lento para aprender,” which translates to, Jose is slow to learn. Initially, when Jose entered school, he only knew his vowels.

As a result, the teacher spent time chunking three letter words at a time to gradually build his vocabulary. Due to Jose’s low academic functioning skills, Jose would forget what was learned in school over the weekend. The teacher, who is the only certified bilingual English Language Arts teacher in the district, collaborated with the coach and an advisor to support and teach Jose, however progress was slow and minimal. As such, school staff spoke to Jose’s father about his lack of academic progress and subsequently began a referral for special education services. Jose’s father was receptive to the feedback and during parent teacher conferences, became emotional and urged teachers to help his son. Jose’s father was encouraged to write a letter to CST principal to push for administrator’s request for evaluation. Initially, the evaluation was denied due to systemic barriers across the district. Jose was finally evaluated 2 years after his arrival in the United States.

Jose received private education paid for by his parents in the Dominican Republic. There were suspicions of delays since he was in pre-kindergarten but no formal evaluations were ever conducted. Jose is currently placed in a bilingual transitional program located in New Jersey. Jose has been in a bilingual classroom since he arrived from the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2016. Jose has very limited English language skills and is currently functioning at a 1st grade reading level. In addition, based on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (5th Edition) (WISC-V), Jose has an intelligence quotient (IQ) of 67. As mentioned earlier, after the initial request for referral, there were barriers to perform the evaluation. Mainly, Jose was denied an evaluation due to not having the sufficient length of time in the country, which was said to be at least two years. A request for another special education evaluation was formally obtained in December 2018 and the most recent IEP was finalized in March 2019.

According to Jose’s father and teacher, Jose has poor memory retention and easily forgets information such as his breakfast in his backpack, where the restroom is located, and his locker combination. Jose also has low maturity and enjoys child-like play such as princesses’ and prince’s. Jose was referred for a speech and language bilingual assessment due to lack of academic progress despite intense intervention in the last two and a half years since he has been in school.

Jose is a very well-kept child who is well liked by his teachers and peers. Jose enjoys school, learning new things, and applies genuine effort in his studies. In addition, Jose considers the needs of others and often brings food for his teacher. In the classroom, Jose’s peers understand thats he has learning difficulties and often help him with tasks. Due to vulnerability of Jose’s socio-emotional health as a result of limited skills, he is in need of positive reinforcement, reminders, one-on-one guidance with tasks, routines, and classroom procedures.

As per Jose’s IEP, his speech and language goals are to correctly respond to “WH” questions when read one to three spoken sentences, improve narrative discourse by retelling a story containing story grammar elements and demonstrating his understanding of the main idea. Lastly, he will develop vocabulary by labeling and categorizing objects, pictures and verbal information. Due to Jose’s limited English language skills, part of his assessment such as the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamental was administered in Spanish to assess his receptive and expressive skills and overall understanding.

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