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As part of its sustainability initiative, Newcastle University is considering constructing its own paper production plant rather than buying paper from an outside supplier. Firstly, describe the process of how paper is produced by using the information in Figure 1. Next, compare and contrast proposal A and B given in Figure 2 and evaluate which of the two you feel would be the most appropriate to address this situation, giving your reasons why.

Site A – Houghton – le – Spring

Miles from campus – 15

Running cost / month – £13,000

Cost of land purchase – £120,000

Cost of construction £230,000

Jobs created – 45

Power source – Wind & Solar

Power source – Solar and wind

Site B – Ryton

Miles from campus – 8

Running cost / month – £15,000

Cost of land purchase – £170,000

Cost of construction £ 200,000

Jobs created – 40

Power source – Fossil

Figure 1

Figure 2

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Describe the process
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Paragraph of Similarities

Please use this structure

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Paragraph of Differences

Take a look at your introduction

How may sentences is it? Hopefully 4.

Have you established the topic of “paper usage in HE and paper production” ?

Does your introduction finish with a thesis statement relating directly to the question?

Is your thesis statement spread over 2 sentences?

Despite the increased usage of digital and electronic technology in the

educational sector, paper is still used widely on a daily basis in places of

learning. As a result of its continuing commitment to sustainability, 

Newcastle University is considering constructing a plant and producing its

own supply of paper. This essay will firstly describe the process of how 

paper is produced from the information provided in figure 1. It will then 

analyse the information given in figure 2 in order to distinguish ways in 

which the two options are similar and different and finally evaluate which 

may be the most suitable.

Take a look at your paragraph which describes how paper is made.

Does it start with a topic sentence?

Does it use language to show order / sequence?…….Firstly, next, following this, finally?

Have you used the present passive accurately? Trees are cut……..water is added

Have you merged more than one step into one sentence by using cohesive devices?

There are a number of stages involved in the production of paper as can be 

seen in figure 1. To begin with, the bark is removed from the tree and the 

wood is then cut and pulped. Following this, water is added which creates 

wood pulp, chemicals are then added, and this mixture is filtered. In the 

final stage, the paper is put onto rolls and later cut to the size that is 


Look at your paragraph of similarities.

Does it start with a topic sentence?

Have you used the stems we looked at in class (or stems of your own that perform the same function)?

Does it state a point of similarity and then support this point with information from figure 2?

Two possible sites have been suggested for the paper production plant to be

built in Ryton and Houghton le Spring which have a number of similarities.

Perhaps the most obvious similarity between sites A and B is in terms of their

running cost. The data in figure 2 indicates that site A would cost £13000 per

month to run; similarly site B would cost £15000. It could also be argued that

a significant way in which they are similar is in the number of jobs created by

both. Location A offers the creation of 45 new jobs while location B would

create 40 new posts. Finally, an additional characteristic that they have in

common is the construction cost. It has been estimated that the Ryton site

would cost £200,000 to build with the Houghton le Spring site costing

£30,000 more.

Look at your paragraph of differences.

Does it start with a topic sentence?

Have you used the stems we looked at in class (or stems of your own that perform the same function)?

Does it state a point of similarity and then support this point with information from figure 2?

As well as the similarities highlighted in the previous paragraph, there are also a

number of differences between the two sites. Firstly, many people believe that an

important difference between the two sites is their distance from the university

campus. Site A is 15 miles from the campus; however, site B is only 8 miles away.

Another point worth mentioning where A and B differ is in terms of the power

source that they use. Site A uses wind and solar as the power supply, unlike site B,

which uses fossil fuel as the power supply. Finally, another area worth analysing is

the cost to purchase the land to build the site on. Site A costs £120, 000; however,

site B costs £50,000 more at £170,000.

Look at your paragraph of evaluation

Does it start with a topic sentence stating cautiously which option appears to be the most suitable?

Have you signposted your points clearly throughout? Firstly, additionally, finally?

Have you used points raised in your compare and contrast sections towards your argument?

After analysing the information provided about the two sites, it would appear that

the most suitable option may be site A at Houghton le Spring, due to a number of 

reasons. Firstly, the economics of the two sites cannot be ignored with site A being 

more favourable in terms of running costs, land purchase costs and the number of 

jobs created. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly is the fact that site A

would use renewable energy to power it makes sense not only economically, but

also, in terms of care for the environment also. The whole idea of this project is 

driven by the university’s commitment to sustainability and therefore how this 

plant is powered should strongly influence the decision.

Look at your conclusion

Does it begin with “In conclusion this essay has…….”

Have you then paraphrased your thesis statement from your introduction?

Does it end with a concluding sentence which mentions the future regarding this topic?

In conclusion, this essay has briefly described the process of how paper is

produced as sown in figure 1. It has also compared and contrasted the information

provided in figure 2 and summarised the most suitable site for construction of the

new paper production plant is site A at Houghton le Spring. Although digital

technology has to a certain extent reduced our reliance on paper, it still remains a 

useful and vital product.

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