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Impact of Agile Approach on Software Development

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Every product has an identifiable life cycle. But when it comes to technology, it means more than meets the eye. Generally speaking, the product life cycle includes manufacturing, delivery, use, and decommissioning phases. In this model, software development is initially carried out on a small scale. In each iteration, additional functionality is developed and added to the software. Each iteration involves coding and testing the software product. This looping process creates a software product in each loop. As a result, the software has more features than the previous cycle (Jain, Sharma& Ahuja, 2018, p.154). The software development phase addresses the issues that customers face when using the software. When a developer or software engineer solves a problem, the software is tested to make sure it works well.

The software is then returned to the customer for use. The software can be extended during the maintenance phase to include additional new features. You can also upgrade and set up a new version of the system. Software development has grown in importance for society and many businesses, with major investments. They develop software in a variety of ways in order to enhance earnings while lowering running costs. Most projects, however, fail because, despite the significant expenditure, they are unable to adjust to changing consumer needs (Venkatesh et al., 2020,p.216). This motivates software engineers to design adaptable and effective strategies, such as agile methods, that aid in the development of high-quality software. Because it delivers high-quality products, this strategy has an impact on software development. It has a good impact on developers and allows them to contribute to the project’s success.

Project managers motivate their teams to be more creative and imaginative, which is critical to project success. Agile’s advantages include its ability to support teams in an ever-changing environment while maintaining focused on delivering business value efficiently. The Agile software development cycle is made up of iterations – or single development cycles – that build on each other and lead to the next phase in the overall development process until the project is finished (Bunyakiati & Sammapun, 2019, p.126). Each iteration is two to four weeks long and has a deadline. The goal is to have a working product to deploy at the conclusion of each iteration. Agile develops a collaborative culture that increases organizational efficiency by allowing teams to cooperate and understand one another.


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