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A-Whose Job Is It?Mark Batterson, on the last page of Chapter 17, says, “There is nothingthat God cannot do in and through a person who is fully concentrated toHim. We want to do amazing things through us, but that’s not our job.”

If it is not our job-whose job is it-and what role do we play? Explain yourunderstanding of Mark’s response to this question.250 words

B-In 5 GEARS, Chapter 14 the authors talk about intentional versusaccidental. Reflecting on what the authors call intentional, how wouldyou describe “intentional” in your life and set of circumstances? 250words

C-Response to ALL IN Video

View the Mark Batterson ALL IN the video. Summarize the message inone page. Answer the question: Are you holding on to anything that iskeeping you from going ALL IN? If so, what steps do/would you need totake to change that? All In: Part 1 – Mark Batterson from NCC-Sermonson Vimeo

D-Respond to each of the nine questions. Your responses should be300-500 words in length.

1. What does it look like to be on the other side of you? Are youwilling to be honest? Are you willing to hear honest feedback? Asktwo to three trusted people in your life and work what it is like forthem to be on the other side of your leadership. Don’t be defensive,

but write their words down and let them soak in. Some of the wordscould be painful, maybe frustrating. Don’t respond negatively, butrather, absorb them and allow this

2. What is your gear order? Write down what it truly is, not what youwant it to be. Write down your everyday schedule and thecorresponding gear that you tend to be in during those times. Showsome of those trusted people in your life your order to see if theyagree.

3. What gears do you drift into under stress and pressure? Ask othersor ascertain for yourself what gears you shift into under moderatestress. Get real with yourself by understanding your pressure.Where does it normally come from? List them and ask yourself ifyour gear order is creating any of these areas of tension. Now gofurther, what gear do you drift into under extreme pressure?Highlight the obvious gear changes that need to be made.

4. Do you need more 1st gear or 2nd gear? Do you need to learn howto downshift when coming home from work? What are the stories,the metaphors, and the illustrations from the previous chapters ofthis book prompting you to do right now?

5. Choose your markers as trigger points to help you shift. Do youneed a marker near your home to shift to 2nd or 3rd? Use yourneighborhood sign or the office door to shift your gears. Do youneed to use something at work, such as a time, to trigger you tobecome more present and shift to the appropriate gear?

6. Learn the gear order of those around you. To be most effective inmaking the changes in yourself, it is crucial to understand the gearorder of your team or spouse or friends. You set the tone ofleadership by being intentional. When you can understand yourtendencies

7. Practice getting better at reverse. Remember, respect andinfluence go up when we admit our mistakes and apologize. Wegain ground, not lose it. Get good at apologizing appropriately andwatch what happens to your relationships.

8. Communicate the 5 Gears metaphor and language into yourculture. It is much harder to operate in the 5 Gears if those aroundyou are unaware of the language or the concept. Teach those inyour world and begin using the sign language to shape the cultureand communicate more effectively.

9. Plan to tell your future story. In the next chapter you are going tohear a few more stories of those who have been practicing the 5Gears. We would like to ask you to, in the future, send in your storyas well as a marker for the changes that will have happened in.

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