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An Infographic for A Lower Respiratory System Disorder

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An Infographic for A Lower Respiratory System Disorder

Risk Factors Associated with The Common Lower Respiratory System Disorder

Lower Respiratory System Disorder is an infection of the lower respiratory tract that causes inflammation of the alveoli, which are subsequently filled with pus or fluid, making breathing difficult. Individuals with weaker immune systems due to illnesses such as HIV, or those who have used steroids for an extended period of time, are more prone to get the virus than the general population (Gasmi et a., 2021). Hospitalization for an extended period of time or the use of ventilators might result in hospital-acquired Lower Respiratory System Disorder. People who suffer from chronic conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are more susceptible. Regular smokers are in danger of having pneumonia

Three Priority Treatments for The Lower Respiratory Disorder

Identification of the causal agent is crucial for therapy success in Lower Respiratory System Disorder. When it is impossible to identify the offender, the client’s history, underlying medical condition, geographic location, and infection intensity are all taken into account. Antibiotics are used to treat Lower Respiratory System Disorder. Cough treatments are essential to transport fluids into the lungs. Analgesics such as paracetamol and other analgesics are used to relieve fever and pain.

You must look after yourself, which includes adequate hydration and sleep.

Inter Professional Collaborative Care Team Members and Their Roles to Improve Health Outcomes for The Lower Respiratory System Disorder

      The Lower Respiratory System Disorder patient is being cared for by a multidisciplinary team until they are entirely recovered. The doctors will determine the severity of the patient’s ailment and propose appropriate treatment. They are responsible for delivering medication, accurately diagnosing patients, and educating them about their health and well-being. A chest physiotherapist treats the patient. 

Three Multidimensional Nursing Care Strategies That Support Health Promotion And Maintenance For Clients With The Lower Respiratory System Disorder

        Antibiotics are used to increase the patient’s immunity in order to prevent Lower Respiratory System Disorder ( Wu et a;., 2019). It has been demonstrated that cessation of smoking enhances the lungs’ resistance to infection. Additionally, common health practices such as hand washing and consuming a balanced diet may contribute to the development of immunity. Lower Respiratory System Disorder vaccine is strongly recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics

A National Organization as A Support Resource for Your Client Specific To The Lower Respiratory System Disorder

UNICEF and the World Health Organization collaborate on the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia (WHO). One of the goals of the research is to decrease Lower Respiratory System Disorder-related morbidity and mortality, particularly in youngsters. All viable approaches include the availability of a Lower Respiratory System Disorder vaccine, adequate Lower Respiratory System Disorder coordination, and exclusive breastfeeding coverage during the first six months of infancy.


Gasmi, A., Peana, M., Pivina, L., Srinath, S., Benahmed, A. G., Semenova, Y., … & Bjørklund, G. (2021). Interrelations between COVID-19 and other disorders. Clinical Immunology224, 108651.

 Wu, D., Wu, C., Zhang, S., & Zhong, Y. (2019). Risk factors of ventilator-associated pneumonia in critically III patients. Frontiers in pharmacology10, 482.

Antibiotics are used to increase the patient’s immunity

cessation of smoking enhances the lungs’ resistance to infection

hand washing and consuming a balanced diet

a multidisciplinary team

A chest physiotherapist treats the patient

The doctors

for delivering medication


Cough treatments

Analgesics such as paracetamol


World Health Organization

weak immune system

Use of steroids

Hospitalization for an extended period of time

use of ventilators

chronic conditions such as asthma


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