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Running Record

Observer: Date: 02/23/2022 Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Child’s name, age, and grade: Lili, 4 years old, Pre-K Location: AtoZ Day Care Center

Description of the Context

The reason as to why I choose to observe the child in this case that is Lili, a 4 year old child is because while interacting with the child and other children in the class, I specifically noticed that Lili had some problems when it came to learning. The child specifically had some problems in the whole learning process and this basically demonstrated that she lacked the motivation that she needed which is very important when it comes to learning. I feel therefore that Lili has very little or even no learning interest when it comes to learning anything in the classroom. While other children who are around her are exited with the whole learning process and are curious to learn and try new thing every now and then, Lili on the other hand is less interested in learning or even interacting with the other kids in the class which is something that raised my eyebrows and I needed to look into the issue more deeply. If and when given any tasks to perform, Lili has always been avoiding these tasks and therefore making it very hard to make her grasp the information given to her. I am therefore interested in ensuring that I find out the reason as to why she keeps avoiding the tasks that are given to her. In my observation after giving the child different activities that I would seek to use to understand her, I am hopeful to understand the reason as to why or how does Lili learn and also how will she succeed not only in school but also in general life activities.

Based on my observation in this case therefore, I can say and conclude that Lili in this case has been having some problems when it comes to concentrating during lessons in class, the child has been very absent minded, avoid any instructions that are given to her, does whatever thing that she wants even in the middle of an important activity. Lili is specifically very aware that she is supposed to behave orderly as the other kids that are around her but she chooses not to be orderly and avoids participating in any activity that is given to her. Another problem that Lili has is the fact that she struggles when it comes to sitting still, even when the other kids are collected and still throughout a given activity, Lili will always find a hard time in concentrating and keeps on shifting her chair every now and then. Due to the low concentration level of the kid, this makes her to always fall behind during the lessons in the class and she also has a very hard time when it comes to following along the lessons.

Description of Child’s Activities Actions Comments

The first thing that happens is that the teacher instructs the kids to go to their cubbies and pick their crayons. All the kids are excited about this and the wake up and go to their cubies to pick the said crayons however Lili stays seated and is reluctant to follow the other kids in doing so. While the other kids are busy picking their crayons, Lili on the other hand has her head on the desk that she is seating on. The teacher approaches Lili and asks her why she is not joining the other children to pick the crayons and be happy with them and she replies “I don’t know” after a small talk back and forth of trying to convince her to go pick up the crayons, Lili finally gets up unwillingly putting her head downs and goes to the cubbies to pick up the crayons as instructed by the teacher. While taking the crayons Lili avoids interacting with the other kids and she does this activity lazily and comes back to her seat in a lonely manner.

Why is Lili reluctant when it comes to joining the other kids in carrying out the instructions that have been given to her?

-The possible explanation to her behavior in this case is that maybe Lili is not interested with the activity that has been given to her or maybe she is just not processing the instructions given to her as the other kids.

Description of Child’s Activities Actions


It’s a math lesson, the teacher goes ahead and distributed to every kid their math books and instructs that every kid to open their books to the next page. Every kid does this very interactively and happily, however, Lili on the other hand stays put and stays just looking at her book without touching it of even opening it. One would think that she is completely ignoring the instructions that are being given to her. The teacher approaches her and asks her whey she is not opening her book and she keeps quiet, the teacher instructs that she opens her book again and the student proceeds to do so reluctantly. The teacher initiates that math lesson and starts to teach, however, while the other kids are paying attention and enjoying the whole learning process by writing down and laughing to concepts, Lili on the other hand is not paying any attention to the whole learning process. She specifically puts her head on the desk and rubs her feet on the floor. After doing this for some time, the assistant teacher proceeds and goes to seat near the kid and helps her with writing and following through the lesson

Why is Lili not concentrating throughout the lesson, why is she not following along the lesson like the other kids?

· The probable explanation to her behaviors is maybe that the kid is getting lost in the learning process and she is finding a hard time to catch up.

Description of Child’s Activities Actions


In this lesson, the teacher instructs that the kids should put their math books away and now concentrate on using the crayons. All the kids are excited about this because it is coloring time and it is their favorite activity to them. However while every kid is putting away their math books and removing their crayons, Lili seems to be confused and reluctant in doing so. The teacher gives every kid a booklet that has different words and pictures in it. The kids start reading each word in the booklet aloud, Lili still seems to be confused and keeps looking around while other kids are reading the words aloud. The teacher calls on Lili and tells her to read the next word on the line, Lili goes ahead and answers that “I don’t know where we are?” the assistant teacher approaches her and sits next to her, she specifically shows her where the rest of the class is in the process of reading the booklet. Lili begins to read out the words aloud. Lili is able to pronounce and sound out each word that she is instructed to read.

Why is Lili having a problem in catching up alone in the reading process unless the teacher seats next to her and assist her in the reading process?

· This might be showing that maybe the kid needs a one to one assistance when it comes to reading for her to grasp all the information that is needed.

Description of Child’s Activities Actions


After the math lesson was finished and the coloring process also concluded, the teacher tells that students to put their crayons and books away and seat upright as they are going to start the next part of the lesson. Lili seems to be distracted and does not listen to the teacher, she rubs her feet in the floor and puts her head down on the chair. I approach Lili and she tell her to put her book and crayons away and sit upright. I specifically tell Lili that if she cannot follow the instructions given by the teacher and not do the tasks given to her then she will not play outside with the other kids during the break time. Lili then becomes more still and seats upright as the other kids and participates actively in every activity that is given to her by the teacher with less distractions. She however have some relapse but she tries to be more still and her concentration improve throughout the other activities given to her.

Why is Lili having a hard time to follow up and listen to the instructions that are given to her by the teacher in the class?

· She might not be feeling obligated to follow up any instructions as there are no reinforcement that are attached to either following or not following the instructions given to her by the teacher, either positive or negative reinforcements (Akpan, 2020).


Akpan, B. (2020). Classical and Operant Conditioning—Ivan Pavlov; Burrhus Skinner. In Science Education in Theory and Practice (pp. 71-84). Springer, Cham.

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