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Learning Outcomes

Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria Met

1. Be able to identify, define and justify an academic study related to the Diploma Title that you will choose . 

1. Identify and justify a researchable area suitable for an independent academic study.

2. Produce clear aim(s) related to a chosen study.


1. Be able to design an academic study based on identified aim(s)

1. Justify the research methodology for a chosen study.

2. Produce a research plan for a chosen study.


1. Be able to undertake primary and/or secondary research into a chosen study area.

1. Undertake a critical review of published sources relevant to the chosen study.

2. Conduct primary or secondary research into the chosen study topic, adhering to any ethical guidelines as appropriate.


1. Be able to interpret and organise information from the research undertaken.

1. Deploy accurate, detailed and relevant knowledge of the subject in support of a coherent analysis of the study with reference to any relevant theoretical perspectives.


1. Be able to consider the findings and reach conclusions.

1. Draw relevant conclusions which are supported by academic evidence.

2. Use academic knowledge to explain and clarify the conclusions.


1. Be able to produce a research report using academic conventions appropriately.

1. Produce a portfolio of research evidence  that follows academic conventions including:

a. a critical application of skills and knowledge

b. accurate and consistent referencingappropriate academic style and ‘voice’.


1. Be able to evaluate the study process and research findings.

1. Evaluate the study, discussing the main strengths, weaknesses and/or limitations.

2. Propose how improvements could be made as appropriate. 

3. Make recommendations for further study as appropriate.


1. Know how to present research and engage in academic dialogue

8.1 Produce an appropriate format and plan to present the completed research task relevant to the intended target group.


Description of Assessment Task (mapped to Assessment Criteria)

In completing this assignment students are required to undertake / complete the following tasks:

1. Research Project (2,000-3,000 words): This project should be between 2,000 and 3,000 words (with a 10% either way margin).  The completed project can be presented in a variety of formats, which could include a report format, mini-dissertation or extended essay.  It should be business focussed and you should adopt the most appropriate format for your chosen topic whilst also evidencing each of the assessment criteria.  

Please follow the learning outcome and the assessment criteria in order to write the project you have to choose the title in order to complete the report …

You should follow in details the learning outcomes and the assessment criteria to write a perfect report.

I have attached a previous report/assignments written by my teacher so you can have a look at it in order to write about the title that you will choose.

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