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Student Name: Francisco Argote

Course: ASN3143 Corporate Culture in China

Date: 2/24/2022

Learning material: Etiquette Guide to China: Part III Doing Business in China

K-W-L-W Chart

Assess what you know before and after you have engaged with the learning material.

What do you Know about the topic? (complete with at least 5 meaningful entries)

• I know that there exists a cultural difference between eastern and western businesses.

• I know that China has jobs specifically for foreigners in China.

• I know that China uses foreigners to validify a product from a domestic Chinese company.

• I know that China’s government has different layers, like the: city, State, and Federal in the United States

• I know that Chinese business culture is heavily determined by the amount of face a company or CEO has.

What do you Want to Know? (complete with at least 5 meaningful entries)

• I want to know why face has as much influence as it does in not just Chinese business culture but China as a whole.

• I want to know why Chinese companies believe having a foreigner as a spokesperson be beneficial when selling products domestically.

• I want to know how difficult it is to start a company in China as you be under the purview of the communist party and deal with


• I want to know how women are seen in the workforce and if their different fields or positions change anything.

• I want to know if there exists a solution to resolve the misunderstandings that come from two different cultures trying to do business

with one another.

What did you Learn? (complete with at least 20 meaningful entries)

• Joint Venture businesses didn’t go well between Chinese and foreign companies.

• To do business in China one must study its culture and history to increase chances of the company succeeding.

• Foreign countries have Chambers of Commerce in China to help other foreign businesses start up.

• Foreigners stuck in China during the 1960s were treated as spies.

• 1979, only Chinese citizens were allowed to carry Chinese currency.

• Foreigners that worked in China at the time were considered experts and were viewed honorably.

• Foreign workers were still monitored even if they worked with the Chinese government.

• Foreigners were treated differently depending on who you worked for.

• Foreigners were often put in high positions in companies solely because they were an educated foreigner.

• Foreigners who started businesses in China were either pushed out of the markets or shut down by the government.

• Companies now focus on hiring Chinese who were studying abroad and want to return to China to live or work instead of foreigners.

• Western companies hired local Chinese to work to please the government and reduce costs.

• Management positions generally go to Chinese nationals.

• To get a work visa Chinese returnees are required to have a degree and at least two years of work abroad.

• Chinese companies’ actual structure is different from its official structure.

• Chinese management often have factions vying for benefits.

• Foreign workers used to be under different labor laws than Chinese workers.

• Provinces are essentially city states and may have conflict with other provinces.

• Chinese companies understand that their method of business is inefficient and inconvenient.

• 12 largest Chinese companies are state owned.

Why does it matter? (complete with at least 5 meaningful entries)

• Knowing the differences can help a foreign succeed in opening a business in China.

• To understand the views that China has had on foreign workers and how it has changed compared to the past.

• To learn from China’s path that led to their rapid rise in the economical battle between countries.

• To comprehend China’s attitudes toward foreign workers and how they have evolved over time.

• To understand why Chinese companies may choose to make a certain decision if it affects their “face”.

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