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Lama 2

Karishma Lama

Professor: Justine White


28th April 2022

Computer Technology

(Introduction, Counterargument, and Refutation)

Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft argued that being born poor was not your mistake, but if you choose to die poor, then that will be the mistake. I believe in what Bill Gates says so, I work hard every day to make my life prosperous and beautiful. I came from a middle-class family, and I know what poverty is; I still remember my parent’s struggle to pay my school fees and feed us. It wasn’t until the year 2007 that I saw a computer for the first time in my school. I have a flashback that my teacher told me a computer is a life-changing machine that makes everyone’s lives easy and creates lots of jobs so, poverty will be eliminated from the world, and I was convinced by his argument that the computer has lots of advantages. However, some scholars differ with this perspective claiming that computers have robbed the world of all valuable jobs. The reasons why computers remain relevant in employment include; bridging the communication gap, reducing the burden of accuracy, maximizing the remote working jobs, and reducing absenteeism. Therefore, in this paper, I am going to major in the impact of computers on employment.

However, a computer is a disaster for illiterate people who have no knowledge of computers or technology; yet there are more illiterate people than the educated ones in the world. Many human jobs have been robbed by computers and technology. Eddy Wu an author of “A World Without Work” reveals that in the future AI technology and computers will continue to advance astronomically and become as powerful that they can do as many jobs as a human can do. In short, the future will be controlled by highly intelligent robots and computer technology (Wu 56). So, computers and technology have big disadvantages which are unseen by many people and huge computer industrialists. They even have the potential of displacing intelligent people and doing all kinds of human jobs. Computer and AI technology create poverty and job losses. In the end, some argue that computers can snatch people’s happiness and joy and pushed them into poverty without notifying them.

It may be true for some people that computers and technology can bring rise to unemployment in the future; but for most people, it can bring massive opportunities with different variations. The article “Computer Occupation: New Applicants New Jobs titles” explains that the computer occupation has been generating a wide variety of jobs as it is advancing and growing every day. The work ranges from academic researchers to complex hardware or software systems to data entry workers and computer equipment repairers. The changes in jobs variation also created new job titles like software developer, data analyst, quality assurance, and more. These jobs are integrated into one title software system so, only a few people were able to get this job now that it’s changed. Furthermore, minimum college-level computer training is the requirement to get the IT jobs but now this culture has been changed too. People who are taught programming in a vocational school or have an associate degree in computer science can also get a job, and they are trained in the work according to their needs. In reality. computers and technology are creating a lot of jobs opportunity of different kinds and helping to eradicate poverty.

(Three Supporting Paragraphs)

Moreover, computer technology has expanded and progressed every year, creating many high-paying jobs. They have created more jobs compared to other industries and that makes people live comfortably in this inflation. According to John A. Challenger, who is CEO of the global outplacement firm, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., By 2015, “Forrester Research shows that an estimated 830,000 service sector jobs were going to be moved offshore. Within a span of ten years, the number of those jobs relocating offshore is expected to reach 3.4 million. These are only but a small representation of the jobs that are expected to be created. On the contrary, a huge percentage of jobs are being created and destroyed at the same time” (19). Moreover, these jobs were created not only in the US but also all around the world, mostly in India, China, and some European countries. So, computers and technology have generated plenty of jobs of various kinds with good pay, and they are growing even bigger every day which is a positive thing for everyone. During a pandemic people almost lost their jobs so, computer technology created an online working platform and saved millions of jobs; some are still working from home which is a new culture of working taught by computer technology. In short, computers and technology have saved people jobs even in harsh conditions like pandemics and generated different kinds of jobs every single day. So, it is the best invention that people have ever created.

Similarly, technology has very many benefits for humanity. The computer is used in all sectors, and it is very important, especially in health-related fields like hospitals, clinics, and labs. Computers are used to do X-rays, and operations, monitor patients’ heartbeats, maintain patients’ records, and many more. Ahsen Hussian from “Perceptions and Use of computer-assisted surgery (CAS) in the orbit” conducted an online “survey on the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Canadian Society of Oculoplastic Surgery, and British Oculoplastic Surgery Society and they found that computer assist surgery (CAS) is a very effective method to do surgery. In addition, it is good for patient safety because the survey proved that it has 80.8% of accuracy in surgery and 69% patient safety” (Hussian, et al, 2). Also, it can cost less money for the patient to do surgery and the surgeon can perform their work in less time effectively. So, computers and technology are very useful in health services, and they might have saved lots of lives, and doctors and nurses can work very efficiently and confidently every day saving thousands of lives with the help of technology.

Moreover, these computers and technology have changed the world if anyone has look back in 15 years. It has made people work easier and create tons of jobs in almost every field like delivery, online shopping, telecommunication, and so on. People can shop online these days comfortably and they can take the class online using their computers. In the article “Fit for the future in a digitized Europe through education” written by Grasedieck, explains that “these inventions of modern technology and computers have been the dream of engineers a decade ago and they have come into reality now and they make everybody’s life easy and comfortable as compared to this days window can be snap and shut down independently when raining and they hit the alarm when the thief approaches, fridge reminds you when to buy milk, able to check blood sugar and pass data to the doctor if needed” (3). Furthermore, people can travel far and go for long drives with confidence. They don’t have to worry about missing their exit and destination because most people have GPS on their phones. Also, they can reach out to anyone through phone calls and solve their problem while staying at home. Computer and technology also have created a job like Uber, Door Dash, Grub Hub, and many more and these types of jobs don’t need any high-level academic education. In the end, computers and technology have changed people’s lives and benefited them in all different ways and now people cannot imagine their life without computer technology.

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