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        I’m working on a project in African Studies and I need help from a tutor to ass

        I’m working on a project in African Studies and I need help from a tutor to ass

        I’m working on a project in African Studies and I need help from a tutor to assist my work. The work should be 4 pages and citing from two films and three readings, double spaced. Please refrain from citing outside the syllabus unless it builds directly on an argument developed through a close analysis of materials. Feel free to use stills from films if they aid in your discussion of a film (but be mindful that images will not count toward the page count requirement).Include a works cited. Clearly identify which prompt you are responding to. Give a title.

Here’s the research problem: Labor and extraction have been themes that run through several of our films and readings this quarter–spanning the temporal markers of pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial Africa. Choosing one film to focus on (and citing a second film to add to your argument), explore what the conditions of labor are in the film and the broader social and cultural context of the country and time that the film is set in. (i) Offer a definition of labor and its relation to extraction or value through a close reading of the film. (ii) What are broader social or historical factors that produce the conditions for this type of labor? Be sure to set the scene (where are we in time and place) of the film and its genre. (iii) How does the film explore the impacts, violences, tensions, or contradictions of the type of labor relation that it presents? This may be a place to explore social and cultural impacts on family, identity, gender, health, migration, or other topics that you see fit to discuss. 

Films: Blood Diamond (2006) Black Panther (2018) I want to compare and contrast the different social dynamic of Blood Diamond and Black Panther, mainly focusing on Blood Diamond (2006) by Leonardo DiCaprio. In Blood Diamond, people are suppressed to mine diamond by rebellion army RUF. People were living in fear and the diamond they mine will eventually becomes fund for more firearm. In Black Panther, the country of Wakanda also have rich resources called Vibranium and the country managed it well by concealing the fact that they possess such resource. I  think the material of Guyer’s take on labor is very important and relates to the film well.

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