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Pediatric Fertility Preservation

Project evaluation

Veronica Horne

Southern new Hampshire university

Ihp 670

April 10, 2022


My project is to create a fertility preservation program in Bellevue Hospital for children diagnosed with cancer and similar chronic conditions.

Fertility preservation evaluates children with medical conditions and treatments that could affect fertility.

Evaluating the success of a healthcare program is important because it helps in obtaining a systematic method to study a program to understand how well it achieve its goals.

Evaluating a fertility preservation program helps will help me to determine what works well and what could be improved.

The method I will use to evaluate my project is the use of focus groups.

Evaluation method-Focus Groups

Focus groups is suitable for collecting data for fertility preservation because it is reliable.

It is primarily quantitative but can also be used to collect quantitative data.

When used for quantitative data, important data about the participant is numerically coded (Santesso et al., 2021)

Example of data sources for focus groups include documented questions and answers with multiple programs.

Participants in this program will be interviewed as a group.

Advantages of using focus groups

It is quick and reliable

It collects common impressions

Efficient way to get range and depth of information in a short timeframe

It is excellent in capturing the perspectives of key participants concerning the program.

It fully reflects the participant’s experiences


Focus groups need a good and well-trained facilitator who will be able to coordinate the groups and ensure that each participant is active in the group (Flynn et al., 2018).

The use of focus groups makes it difficult to analyze response

It is characterized by difficulty scheduling a group of people together

There is high possibility of the facilitator or participants giving bias responses

Focus groups can be expensive

Quantitative data analysis

My evaluation method for this project will be focus groups.

When focus groups are used for quantitative data, important data about participants are numerically coded.

Quantitative data analysis is suitable for this project because it measures the differences between groups.

Quantitative data analysis measures the relationship between variables

It is suitable in testing hypothesis in a scientifically rigorous way.


Santesso, N., Wiercioch, W., Barbara, A. M., Dietl, H., & Schünemann, H. J. (2022). Focus groups and interviews with the public led to the development of a template for a GRADE Plain Language Recommendation (PLR). Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 141, 18-25.

Flynn, R., Albrecht, L., & Scott, S. D. (2018). Two approaches to focus group data collection for qualitative health research: maximizing resources and data quality. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 17(1), 1609406917750781.

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