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Wild air, world-mothering air,Nestling me everywhere,That each eyelash or hairGirdles; goes home betwixtThe fleeciest, frailest-flixedSnowflake; that’s fairly mixedWith, riddles, and is rifeIn every least thing’s life;This needful, never spent,And nursing element;My more than meat and drink,My meal at every wink;This air, which, by life’s law,My lung must draw and drawNow but to breathe its praise,Minds me in many waysOf her who not onlyGave God’s infinityDwindled to infancyWelcome in womb and breast,Birth, milk, and all the restBut mothers each new graceThat does now reach our race—Mary Immaculate,Merely a woman, yetWhose presence, power isGreat as no goddess’sWas deemèd, dreamèd; who

The Blessed Virgin compared to the Air we Breathe

 T H A T N A T U R E I S A H E R A C L I T E A N F I …  T H E C A G E D S K Y L A R K 


This one work has to do—Let all God’s glory through,God’s glory which would goThrough her and from her flowOff, and no way but so.

I say that we are woundWith mercy round and roundAs if with air: the sameIs Mary, more by name.She, wild web, wondrous robe,Mantles the guilty globe,Since God has let dispenseHer prayers his providence:Nay, more than almoner,The sweet alms’ self is herAnd men are meant to shareHer life as life does air.

If I have understood,She holds high motherhoodTowards all our ghostly goodAnd plays in grace her partAbout man’s beating heart,Laying, like air’s fine flood,The deathdance in his blood;Yet no part but what willBe Christ our Saviour still.Of her flesh he took flesh:He does take fresh and fresh,Though much the mystery how,Not flesh but spirit nowAnd makes, O marvellous!New Nazareths in us,Where she shall yet conceiveHim morning noon and eve;


Him, morning, noon, and eve;New Bethlems, and he bornThere, evening, noon, and morn

Bethlem or Nazareth,Men here may draw like breathMore Christ and baffle death;Who, born so, comes to beNew self and nobler meIn each one and each oneMore makes, when all is done,Both God’s and Mary’s Son.

Again, look overheadHow air is azurèd;O how! nay do but standWhere you can lift your handSkywards: rich, rich it lapsRound the four fingergaps.Yet such a sapphire-shot,Charged, steepèd sky will notStain light.   Yea, mark you this:It does no prejudice.The glass-blue days are thoseWhen every colour glows,Each shape and shadow shows.Blue be it: this blue heavenThe seven or seven times sevenHued sunbeam will transmitPerfect, not alter it.Or if there does some soft,On things aloof, aloft,Bloom breathe, that one breath moreEarth is the fairer for.Whereas did air not makeThis bath of blue and slakeHi fi th ld h k

His fire, the sun would shake,A blear and blinding ballWith blackness bound, and all

The thick stars round him rollFlashing like flecks of coal,Quartz-fret, or sparks of salt,In grimy vasty vault.So God was god of old:A mother came to mouldThose limbs like ours which areWhat must make our daystarMuch dearer to mankind;Whose glory bare would blindOr less would win man’s mind.Through her we may see himMade sweeter, not made dim,And her hand leaves his lightSifted to suit our sight.

Be thou then, thou dearMother, my atmosphere;To wend and meet no sin;Above me, round me lieFronting my froward eyeWith sweet and scarless sky;Stir in my ears, speak thereOf God’s love, O live air,Of patience, penance, prayer:World-mothering air, air wild,Wound with thee, in thee isled,Fold home, fast fold thy child.

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