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Brim auto spares

Providing affordable spare parts for motorbikes and the general public to help the lifespan of their motorcycle.

The Issue

In most cities in Africa “public” transportation is inaccessible and almost nonexistent.

There are approximately 200 million motorcycle riders in the world and the number of riders in Africa is one of the highest in the world. The issue is that even though there are millions of people who ride motorcycles in Africa there are no manufacturing companies that handle the development of motorcycle spares. The need to be filled is easy access to parts and spares to repair motorcycles more easily.

The Solution

We aim to create a business that assists people with finding the parts that they need so that they can go about their daily lives unaffected. In the United States, if we have any issues with our vehicles, we can simply get it fixed or even take a taxi or Uber to reach our destination. In other countries, this opportunity is not given. If your motorbike requires maintenance and (or) needs a missing part, you are simply out of luck. This is where Brim Spare Parts comes in to assist! We’ll get the parts needed to you as soon as possible 

Having remote production of motorcycles and parts creates import duties, and motorcycles and parts are marketed at higher rates. With our business plan we will be able to minimize those import duties and lower the market rates of the motorcycles.


In many places of the world, motorbikes are essentially the primary mode of transportation for individuals. They are relied upon to navigate to and from work, school and any other tasks that you may have, but the issue that people are facing is the common wear and tear of their bikes. After years of usage these bikes require maintenance and oftentimes new parts to get it up and running. 

However, these parts are scarce, thus hindering the lives of people. Without transportation, they miss out on work and it becomes a rippling effect. We at Brim Auto Spares will be able to remedy the situation with providing them with the parts that they need and any other assistance desired for their motorbikes. 

Target Audience

At Brim Auto spares we would assist these bike riders with the parts that they need. We would be able to accommodate customers in many places of the world, such as Africa, Argentina, Egypt, Turkey and more. These are all countries where motorbikes are heavily used.


With the many shops that we will have available, we will have skilled and knowledgeable employees ready to assist. Whether it’s a simple inquiry or locating a much needed part, we are here to help. With our vast inventory of products. We can accommodate customers with online orders or in person.


Brim Auto Spares will set up shop in Nigeria, Africa and establish a presence with the natives. This will be our primary location and over time of building clientele, we will expand across the globe. We would face competitors such as, Honda Motorcycle, Innoson Nigeria Limited, Qlink Centre, Zongshen Motorcycles and Suzuki. These places are globally known or locally and they have already have a presence with consumers. While they offer similar services, most (if not all) have high prices and limited on inventory of parts. At Brim Auto Spares, this wouldn’t be an issue, we would be stocked with parts bountifully and with reasonable pricing.

Marketing & Sales

When it comes to marketing for Brim Auto Spares, we plan to utilize the 5Ps. Promotion, people, product, price and place. 

We will market our business through social media outlets, advertisement via television and websites. 

We will advertise with local businesses in the community (using flyers and business cards).

Customers will be able to make a purchase from any of our locations, our mobile app, our website or a third party (such as Amazon). 

Transactions can be done using any credit or debit card, cash at psychical locations and other monetary forms such as CashApp, Venmo, Apple Pay, etc. 

Our sales cycle is a duration of two months. 

Management Team 


With her knowledge and expertise, Oyinye Ekemezie is the founder of Brim Auto Spares. With her determination and her passion to help aid, Oyinye was able to bring Brim Auto Spares to light.


Serving as joint chief operating officers are Colin Busby and Olivia Saldivar. These two skilled professionals use their knowledge to take on functions of operating the company in an efficeint manner. 


With several years of management experience, D’Zul Cook takes on the role of CEO. With his leadership, he will be able to  guide the company in the right direction. With his skills and insight he aims to make Brim Auto Spares a well-known company and a household name. 

Financial Projections

The company generates 5.69 million dollars in sales, and there are two companies in Brim’s Import corporate family. With the above figure as the annual sales, the total income attributable to income on products and services sold by this company is likely to increase. 

Financial Projections

Assets 2019 2020 2021 2022
Cash 167,971 181,210 183,175 211,069
Accounts Receivable 5,100 5,904 6,567 7,117
Prepaid Expenses 4,806 5,513 5,170 5,998
Inventory 7,805 9,601 9,825 10,531
Total Current Assets 185,682 202,228 205,277 234,715

Financial Projections

Liabilities 2019 2020 2021 2022
Accounts Payable 3,902 4,800 4,192 5,265
Accrued Expenses 1,302 1,541 1,662 1,865
Unearned Revenue 1,548 1,560 1,853 1,952
Total Liabilities 6,762 7,901 8,427 9,802

Financial Projections

Shareholder’s Equity 2019 2020 2021 2022
Equity Capital 170,000 170,000 170,000 170,000
Retained Earnings 2,474 14,265 35,340 62,053
Shareholder’s Equity 172,474 184,265 205,340 232,053
Shareholder’s Equity & Total Liabilities 234,762 248,038 249,332 277,187

Current Status

January 2022: Formation of Brim Auto Spares

February 2022: Create a Feasibility analysis for Brim Auto Spares

February 2022: Begin to acquire product from remote sources

March 2022: Acquire website domain name

March 2022:purchase office space for Headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa

March 2022: make first few sales to contribute to our ROI and establish a place in the market

April 2022: Create our Initial Business Plan

April 2022: Meeting with potential investors

Financing Sought 

Brim Auto Spares is looking to acquire $190,000. This will cover costs of creating websites, payroll for our first set of employees and other services we hire, supplies for the offices as well as supplies for shipping out our products.

More specifically:


Contract a phone center

Aan online tool to make meetings and keeping track of business endeavors easier

Business insurance policies

Company website and maintenance.

Materials for shipping: boxes, tape, packaging for the specific motorbike parts, etc.

Office space & supplies


The future endeavors of Brim Auto Spares are large yet surely obtainable with the tenacity that this company has. The passion that this companies founder, Onyinye Ekemezie, has. Not only her but the technical maneuverability, and witty critical thinking that our CEO (D’Zul Cook) has. We as a company can overcome any obstacle that arises. With seamless employee operations and company operations coordinated by Olivia Saldivar and Collin Busby, growth is inevitable. 

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Payment Prоcess

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