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ENGL 10103.010 Johnson Spring 2022 Final Exam

Please submit your finished exam as a word document or pdf. Submissions in Pages or Google Docs will receive a three point deduction.


Do you understand that any incidences of plagiarism (either direct use of someone else’s work or uncited paraphrasing of someone else’s ideas) discovered on this exam will lead to you receiving a zero on this entire test? (5 points)

Please confirm that you did not use any outside sources, aside from personal notes and the texts themselves, in composing this exam. (5 points)

Essay Portion: (40 points each)

Using textual evidence (quotes) (at least four times per answer), please answer two of the following prompts in thought-out essays of approximately 300-500 words each. For full credit, you’ll need to use at least four quotes artfully (per answer) and answer the question completely, going beyond the obvious into analysis. Cite quotes in the text appropriately with an author’s last name and a page number (if applicable), but a formal works cited page is not needed. Please address at least three separate texts we’ve read or films you’ve seen after the midterm in your answers (students that do not do this will lose 8 overall points on the exam). You may include your book club pick as a text you can write about on this exam. “Greedy Choke Puppy,” Parasite, Interview with the Vampire, The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires, and your book club pick are all on the table. Students whose answers rely on pre-midterm texts will not receive credit for those portions of answers.

1. Dracula’s legacy has impacted nearly all other vampire fiction that came after it. Trace connections between Dracula and three other works we’ve engaged with. How are the two similar? How are they different? What does each author take and leave in adapting elements from this quintessential vampire novel?

2. Vampire fiction nearly always addresses issues of good and evil. How do three pieces of vampire fiction we’ve encountered both cement and complicate our definitions of what constitutes “good” and what constitutes “evil”?

3. What role does religion tend to play in vampire fiction? How does this shift depending on the author’s perspectives and the time the book was published? Give three examples.

4. What statements about diversity and inclusion can be drawn from engaging with vampire fiction? Do you think the genre is on the whole either inclusive or exclusive? Use three examples.

5. Vampire fiction continues to be invested in sexuality. How does vampire fiction explore sexuality outside the boundaries of normativity? Aside from vampires being sexually deviant (and sometimes criminal), how is sexuality explored in vampire fiction? What role does consent play in understanding vampire fiction? Use three examples.

6. Children play surprisingly present roles in a lot of vampire fiction. Give three examples of this. Why use children in vampire fiction? What role do they play? What might they symbolize?

7. Vampire fiction often depicts toxic relationships of all kinds. Where do you see this happening? Why use vampires in juxtaposition to toxic relationships? Give three examples.

Final Brief Essay (100ish words):

What have you learned about reading and engaging with fiction this semester? (10 points)

Rubric for Short Essays (FYI)

10 points

8 points

5 points

3 points

1 point

Answer: Quality

Question is answered in-depth and artfully, revealing that the student has thought deeply about the question. The answer is analysis, not summary.

Question is answered in depth, and answer is analytical rather than summary. Could go further beyond the obvious but is generally correct.

Answer is more of a summary and does not go beyond the obvious.


Answer is wrong and reflects a misunderstanding of the text.

Answer is a summary and does not go beyond the obvious.


Answer is wrong and reflects misunderstanding of (or no engagement with) the text.

Answer reflects no real engagement with the text.

Answer Length and Relevance

Answer is 300-500 words and addresses the chosen prompt.

Answer is 300-500 words but wanders from the prompt.

Answer is 200-600 words and addresses the chosen prompt.

Answer is 200-600 words and wanders from the prompt.

Answer is less than 200 words.

Textual Evidence: Quantity

At least four relevant quotes are included and cited properly.

Four quotes with varying relevance are included.


Four relevant quotes are included but have citation errors.

Three relevant quotes are included.


Four irrelevant quotes are used.

Two relevant quotes are included.


Three relevant quotes are included but cited wrong.

One quote is included.


Two relevant quotes are included but cited wrong.

Textual Evidence: Quality

Quotes are embedded artfully and persuasively. They are effective, convincing, and not “dumped in.”

Quotes are used more or less effectively but could be woven with your words more artfully.

Quotes are relevant but “dumped in.”

Quotes are not relevant and are “dumped in.”

No quotes are used.

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