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4/21/22, 8(25 PMEvaluating Historical Sources Scoring Guide

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Evaluating Historical Sources Scoring Guide


Identify qualityprimary andsecondary sourcesrelated to a historicaltopic.

Does notidentify qualityprimary andsecondarysourcesrelated to ahistorical topic.

Identifies primary andsecondary sources,but not all the sourcesare related to aparticular historicaltopic or they are not allcredible.

Identifies qualityprimary andsecondarysources related toa historical topic.

Identifies quality primary andsecondary sources related to ahistorical topic and cites eachsource with minimal errors.

Identify key elementsof each source,including the author,date, and main idea.

Does notidentify keyelements ofeach source,including theauthor, date,and main idea.

Identifies key elementsof some but not all ofthe sources, orelements are missingfrom some of thesources.

Identifies keyelements of eachsource, includingthe author, date,and main idea.

Clearly identifies all key elementsof the sources (who, what, when,why) using specific examples.

Describe the biasesand perspectives ofthe authors of eachsource.

Does notdescribe thebiases andperspectivesof the authorsof eachsource.

Describes the biasesand perspectives ofthe authors of somebut all of the sources.

Describes thebiases andperspectives ofthe authors ofeach source.

Describes the biases andperspectives of the authors of eachsource and provides specificexamples.

Describe key factspresented in eachsource.

Does notdescribe keyfactspresented ineach source.

Describes key factspresented in some butnot all sources, orfacts are missing fromsome of the sources.

Describes keyfacts presented ineach source.

Describes key facts presented inthe sources with specific examples.

Explain why eachsource is or is notcredible.

Does notidentify whyeach source isor is notcredible.

Identifies why somesources are or are notcredible but does notprovide a fullexplanation for all ofthem.

Explains whyeach source is oris not credible.

Explains why each source iscredible or is not credible usingspecific examples.

Write in a well-organized andconcise manner thatadheres to the rulesof grammar, usage,and mechanics.

Does not writein a well-organized andconcisemanner.

Writing is unclear,wordy, ordisconnected, witherrors in grammar,usage, andmechanics.

Writes in a well-organized andconcise mannerthat adheres tothe rules ofgrammar, usage,and mechanics.

Organizes content so clarity isenhanced and all ideas flowlogically and smoothly. Writesconcisely, precisely, and directly,with nearly flawless adherence tothe rules of grammar, usage, andmechanics.

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