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ELEG 220 Project – Spring 2022

Temperature Sensor (Operational Amplifiers)

Due Date: Thursday, May 11th at 5:00 pm

Follow these guidelines:

• Provide a neat and clear solution with complete details, explanation and steps. If your

solution is missing explanation and/or steps, is not clear/neat, you should expect to lose


• Your final file should be named as follows: [YourName]_[YourID].pdf

• Submit your report in a single .PDF file and upload it to the link provided on the course

page on Moodle before the deadline.

• The video should be uploaded to Moodle or sent as email attachment if it’s too large

before the deadline.

• Late submissions and/or submissions of the report via emails will not be accepted.

Please submit your report and video clip on time via the link provided on Moodle.

I hereby swear that the work done on this assignment is my own and I have not given nor

received aid that is inappropriate for this assignment. I understand that by the AUK code,

violation of these principles will lead to a zero on this assignment.

Student Name: Student ID:

Student Name: Student ID:

Student Name: Student ID:

Brief Description and Specifications:

As an engineer, you are asked to design and build a functioning circuit that will measure the temperature

in the surrounding area and compare it with a pre-decided reference temperature. If the measured

temperature is higher than the reference, an action will be taken, otherwise nothing happens. This circuit

will be used in a factory where the stored goods will go bad if the measured temperature exceeds the

reference temperature for an extended period. The designed system should meet the following


1. Use Op-Amp based circuit.

2. You are not allowed to use any type of microcontrollers.

3. The project should be designed in a way that the user has the choice to change the reference

temperature manually using a potentiometer but at least it should include temperature range (20

°C to 50 °C).

4. Expectations at the end of the project:

a. Minimum work expected is to have a functioning circuit according to the specifications

above and a LED turns on when the measured temperature exceeds the reference


b. Satisfactory work is to have a LED turns on and an alarm also turns on when the measured

temperature exceeds the reference temperature.

c. Advanced work includes a fan that will turn on when the measured temperature exceeds

the reference temperature. Fan may need a driver circuit connected at the output of the

designed circuit.

5. Take into consideration that suitable currents should be applied for each

element/sensor/actuator in your circuit, otherwise they may not work well or they may burn

out; e.g. when the LED is connected in the circuit as an indicator of temperature higher than

the reference, if the current applied to it is below a certain limit, it will not turn on. Also, if the

current exceeds the max allowed current for the LED, it will burn out after some time. These

values can be taken from the data sheets for the LEDs or other components you are using in

your project.

Figure 1. Circuit schematic of the temperature sensor [1]

Submission Requirements:

1. A full project report (cover page, table of contents, introduction, background, objectives,

procedure, calculations, simulations, results, discussion, and conclusion).

2. Perform a parameter sweep using Multisim to check the relationship between the output voltage

versus the variable resistor. You can replace the temperature sensor with a voltage source.

3. Calculate the output voltage values at the following inputs of the sensor: High = VCC, middle

= VCC/2, and Low = 0.

4. Compare the calculations with the parameter sweep.

5. Show the calculations of how the threshold temperature is set using the potentiometer and the

temperature sensor. (Hint: You need the temperature sensor Data sheet).

6. Connect all components using a breadboard.

7. A video of the final working circuit must be submitted with the above file.

8. In the video you need to show how you can set the threshold temperature to the desired value.



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