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Dollar T

Dollar T

Dollar Tree

OL-501-X4150 Business Foundations 22TW4

Antonio McClan


Dollar tree organization is known for taking non-traditional approach in relation to its vision and mission. The company has corporate values plus a distinct mission statement; however, they lack a vision statement. Their mission statement is a value-driven customer-oriented variety store that operates at a single dollar point of price. The company’s mission is consistent with the measured as well as profitable growth. The values of the firm are; attitude constituting of responsibility, courtesy and integrity. Attitude is valued to be everything hence the reason why the company strives to have a positive attitude always. The company acts responsibly alongside carrying themselves with integrity. There is judgement which involves doing the appropriate thing for appropriate reasons. The final value is commitment which involves honor as well as respect for company and self. From client to colleagues, the company associates gets to treat every person they interact with the respect and dignity they deserve (Bogatyrev, 2018).

The impasse disproportionally that is impacting the Dollar Tree company plus its division in the Family Dollar is the fact that, Dollar tree is not in a position to have inventory procured same as Dollar General, Ollie’s and Big Lots. This is perceived to be the kind of nuance that is easily overlooked when one is not looking for it. This is obvious in that Dollar General gets to offer lots of goods that are private-label priced plus specifically designed for their target clients. This does not mean that Dollar Tree lacks any of the private-label goods or gets to purchase its overall inventory from the overseas suppliers. However, the truth is it is evident that it is not able to make same house-branding as well ae value-offering associations with the consumers the same way their rivals do.

The available threats within the Dollar Tree SWOT analysis include: There is an increment in the private labels available which is evidently seen in the thriving Dollar General, Big Lots and the likes. Another threat is the high prices for crude oil which ends up impacting the raw materials that the company needs to continue pricing their goods at the one dollar price. The high prices are making it quite difficult to maintain this as the profit margins are becoming smaller.

These are some of the opportunities that the company has. These include; the Dollar Tree has the capacity to tap the global market more so with the emerging economies. With the firm being in a position to expand with ease due to its chain of stores that it has and the brand name that is well known, it is in a better position to go global. Another opportunity is that it has higher chances of having a lot more visibility via advertising plus consumer focused services. If the firm highly invests in marketing itself, then there is a higher probability of increasing their profit margins through an increment in sales (Church,, 2019).

There happens to be several weaknesses associated with the Dollar Tree firm. These include; Despite of the company having a presence that is quite strong within America, it still does not have an international penetration. The company has not been able to expand into other countries which is clearly a missed opportunity for growth. Another weakness is having quite a low turnover in addition to margins that are considerably very minimal. The firm’s profit margins are always low due to their pricing strategy which has not changed despite lots of changes in factors affecting the smooth operations of the firm such as high crude oil prices affecting the availability of raw materials. These are the strengths that are associated with the Dollar Tree company. These are; the firm is known for operating 4,400 stores all through United States as well as in Canada. This makes it to be in a better position to serve its loyal clients who might be in different areas within the said nations. It is also a Fortune 500 company meaning the company has a walk established brand identity and is doing quite well for it to feature in the fortune 500. Another strength is the fact that the firm gets to stock different products inclusive of regional, private label as well as national brands. Additionally, the company operates within food and snacks, seasonal, party supplies, toys, health and beauty care products plus housewares making it to be quite diverse in its holding (Wolfrath,, 2018).

TOWS matrix below based on your analysis.

TOWS Matrix for:

List of Threats:

1.increase in private labels

2.high crude oil prices which affects availability of raw materials


List of Opportunities:

1.potential of becoming international especially with the emerging economies

2.high visibility with increased marketing that is more customer centered


List of Strengths: is a fortune 500

2. Operates over 4,400 stores across America plus Canada

3. Stocks different products that are diverse

The company can focus on its diverse goods and pay attention to particular goods that clients prefer then aim at satisfying their needs. This gives them an upper competitive advantage

The firm is meant to continue ensuring that its brand identity is not ruined at all by making sure that it continues upholding its mission and value statements

List of Weaknesses:

1.lacks a global penetration

2. Low turnover with small profit margins


Company should make efforts to have its chain stores expand globally so as to have an extensive range of clientele base. This will reduce the low turnover and increase the profit margins.

With the potential to go international more so in the emerging economies, the firm has a very unique opportunity to establish itself in areas that its rivals are not available. Its favorable pricing would give it a wider clientele base

A major strategic planning arrangement that is strategic is supposed to take into consideration the qualities, weaknesses, abilities, shortcomings as well as the association’s restrictions. This approach might result into unforeseen outcomes capable of goading the company to roll out enhancements then contend consequently forceful with the said for-benefits within the range. In communicating the vision, esteem articulations plus mission for this strategic planning, then it means calling a meeting then educating the representative on its essence, give elaborations regarding the importance of the strategic planning within the company. A culture should be implemented within the organization that gets to empower the achieving of the objectives that are set. Through providing a delivery that is same day, the Dollar Tree will be able to help in securing its own spot in being a shopping center mainstay, this will be achieved while at the same time developing its own clientele base. This makes it possible for the firm to have extra potential of expanding a lot more during a period when the store closures have turned out to be quite a commonplace. The Dollar Tree is actually capitalizing on the trend of e-Commerce through recognizing the essence to provide their customers with a same day delivery as well as a same day service. To continue being competitive the firm has to identify ways of maintaining their prices close to the one dollar mark as much as possible (Zohrehvand,, 2021).


Bogatyrev, S. Y. (2018). Analytical capabilities of modern information systems as part of the income-based business valuation method. Дайджест-финансы, 23(1 (245)), 41-54.

Church, B. K., Jiang, W., Kuang, X., & Vitalis, A. (2019). A dollar for a tree or a tree for a dollar? The behavioral effects of measurement basis on managers’ CSR investment decision. The Accounting Review, 94(5), 117-137.

Wolfrath, J., Ryan, B., & Nehring, P. (2018). Dollar Stores in Small Communities. URL https://fyi. Extension. Wisc. Edu/downtowneconomics/files/2018/11/DE1218a. pdf.

Zohrehvand, A., Doshi, A. R., & Vanneste, B. (2021). Generalizing Event Studies Using Synthetic Controls: An Application to the Dollar Tree–Family Dollar Acquisition. Available at SSRN 3856879.

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