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 The most effective methods of educating and developing healthcare staff include simulation training, which relies on learning from actual patients during care procedures, and other simulated practices (Pan & Rajwani, 2021). Simulation-based training for care staff is effective and highly productive in cultivating crucial skills, improving practice experience, and receiving real-time and focused feedback on performance levels. For example, Pan and Rajwani (2021) report that the training method eliminates safety gaps and cultivates familiarity in new roles where the workers lack experience. One effective healthcare organization using the training method is the Mount Sinai Health System, noting that the Intensive Care Unit Simulation Lab facilitates skills development, teamwork, staff communication and improves interactions (Mount Sinai 2021).

            The second most effective healthcare staff training and development method is on-the-job training used in cultivating skills such as performing operative functions such as working with new machines (Costar & Hall, 2020). In today’s healthcare environment characterized by the widespread use of new technologies such as telehealth, the training method is crucial in cultivating the skills and adapting staff practice to the care environment (Costar & Hall, 2020). Similarly, Mount Sinai hospital is an excellent performer in using the method due to the excellent integration of research into practice settings to improve staff performance (Mount Sinai 2021).  

            The third training method for healthcare workers proven for effectiveness is coaching and mentoring, which is performance-driven and designed to improve the professional’s performance (Burgess et al., 2018). Further, the training is intended to develop the practitioner’s skill levels, both for the current position and work and future work. A healthcare organization that uses the training method effectively is Mayo Clinic, which uses the Maximizing Mentorship Program and others to offer staff hours of training, peer-sharing opportunities, and other learning activities (Mayo Clinic, 2022).

            The three staff training methods are effective because they focus on addressing skills gaps, improving specific skills, and cultivating the specific target areas required for improved staff performance (Pan & Rajwani, 2021; Costar & Hall, 2020; Burgess et al., 2018). Further, the training methods are highly effective because they are tailored to meet defined goals, staff roles, develop specific skills, and apply the new information learned (Pan & Rajwani, 2021; Costar & Hall, 2020; Burgess et al., 2018).

            The Memorial Hermann Medical Center is a high performer in developing its staff and employees (Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, 2022). The evidence of the commitment to staff development includes the programs it offers physicians working as interns and residents to improve their skills further to become fellows, giving them access to more professional development opportunities in a target area of specialization (Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, 2022). However, the healthcare organization suffers some deficiencies in the learning process. After one year of fellowship training, a physician can practice without direct supervision, which would offer additional growth and development. Further, not all professions get similar training opportunities, limiting their career and professional growth.

            The recommendations to offer the healthcare organization include allowing all practitioners, including nurses and pharmacists, similar training opportunities, which would improve staff and organizational performance. The second recommendation is to expand the scope of the training beyond the fellowship training to continue physician growth and development, cultivate better practitioners, and improve organizational performance.

            Despite the reported gaps, the organizational learning offered at the Memorial Herman healthcare organization has greatly improved staff and organizational performance. For example, the training provided to physicians, nurses, and other staff have improved patient care quality due to improved reporting and performance (Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, 2022a). Similarly, healthcare trains its physicians and other staff and guides them on compliance training and education, promoting individual and organizational performance (Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, 2022b). The results include increased staff innovation due to the improved skills, abilities, and capacity, contributing to improved organizational performance (Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, 2022a).

            The key points made in the initial response include that staff education, training, and development should be a major focus area for healthcare organizations due to the importance of improved performance and outcomes. Secondly, the quality of staff training is correlated to staff performance, which is evident from the case of the Mayo Clinic and the Memorial Hermann Medical Center.

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