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Tyran Hunt


Dr. McNutt

Mar 14, 2022


Beyond Jordan Peele’s ability to play many different roles as a writer and actor, he is mostly recognized for his critically acclaimed talent for filmmaking. During this paper, I will be using his two films “Get Out” and “Us” as well as his soon to be released movie, “Nope” to connect the production/promotional concepts between all three. With the common genre of Horror as his choice for the movies, each movie has a common theme of hidden meanings and black identity. Even though none of the movies are connected cinematically, the common trends of symbolism found in each movie have led me to believe that this methodical marketing approach Peele has taken with his two latest movies stem from the attention and accreditation received from “Get Out”.

Annotated Bibliography

Landsberg, A. (2018). Horror vérité: Politics and history in Jordan Peele’s get out (2017)

Continuum, 32(5), 629–642.

This paper talks about the film Get Out and its use of truthful horror. The concept of politically inflected horror aligns with some of Walter Benjamin theories of how the film uses the horror genre approach to bring existing racism issues to light. I like this journal because it serves as an academic resource to support the trending theme I have noticed in his films, serving as a more formal explanation of the specific concept he uses within the Horror genre. Although there are no connections to make based solely on the text, this is a good starting point to stem from with the 2017 “Get Out” film.

Kleinman, J. (2019, March 26). ‘us’ reviews: How brilliant marketing sold Jordan Peele’s

mediocre movie. Inverse. Retrieved March 14, 2022, from

This article critiques the release of Jordan Peele’s movie “Us” and how misleading it is. The author discusses crucial marketing measures that played into the success of the movie, as well as the confusion the symbolism it brought for viewers. The best part of this article is that it acknowledges both sides of why the film was successful but not his best work. With the recognition of his genius thinking in this type of horror, it supports my research as well as offers a connection of how the success from “Get Out” built hype into the marketing of “Us”. The author takes a more biased approach of not liking the movie very much but offers factual points to support the argument of his film being okay.

Burgos, D. (2019, March 14). ‘US’ isn’t connected to ‘get out’ – at least not explicitly. Bustle.

Retrieved March 14, 2022, from

This article discusses how the two films “Get Out” and “Us” are not directly connected. Again there are common themes both films share but the author deads the idea that the “Us” film is a sequel to “Get Out” like some of the fans anticipated. This article was released before the actual premier of “Us” but still manages to do a good job at getting explicit details on what to expect. What will support my paper heavily from this text is the quotes from what Peele says in reference to the releasing of “Us”. He talks about his fears and things he looks forward to. As well as kind of what to expect in a vague, up-to-you, kind of explanation. This will serve as support to more marketing techniques he used post-Get Out.

Soares, I., & Isabella Soares (63 Articles Published). (2022, February 16). ‘nope’-

everything we know so far about Jordan Peele’s next horror film. Collider. Retrieved March 14, 2022, from

This article discusses everything we know so far regarding the latest movie “Nope”. It talks about the trailer and how the details of the plot are still unknown. However what is interesting is how the marketing approach is yet again based on his past success with his two previous horror movies and their success, as well as the fact that his lead actor from “Get Out” is in the cast of this movie along with other popular actors at this very moment. The fact that Peele is using the same approach as he did with “Us” is going to compliment my argument very well. Although there are no specific details about the actual movie, the speculation and assumptions further help my paper.

Kotiya, S. (2022, February 14). Jordan Peele’s ‘nope’ movie trailer breakdown,

analysis, and hidden details: 5 things to know. Sports news. Retrieved March 14, 2022, from

This is also an article about Jordan Peele’s upcoming movie “Nope” and what to expect from it. These assumptions are a result of the breakdowns the author got from the trailer for the movie. Given how cryptic the trailer and Peele himself have been about the movie, people have been searching for answers about what to expect. The fact that this is indeed another horror movie brings reassurance that we will see the same wit that Peele uses for his filmmaking. Hinting towards a California Desert and potential aliens, no one knows what to expect. I think the fact that they are doing a great job with focusing the movie based on actors rather than the plot is an interesting marketing strategy that I plan to talk more about in the paper.

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