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Banking Project There are 3 parts to this project for a total of 105 points. First, select aninstitution by deadline. Second, participate in peer review by deadline. Lastly,the presentation. Students should be prepared to answer questionsabout their project. Listed below are general education outcomes and the specific tasks students perform to achieve that outcome.

SELECT FINANCIAL INSTITUTION Student will select a primary financial institution, intermediary or fringe bankingservice.

Worth 5 points

Critical Analysis and Reasoning & Local and Global Diversity Student clearly present-brief history using a timeline;-purpose/why was it created;-advertisement examples including commercials;-list competition along with assets, including at least one minority institution;

See resources belowMinority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee | OCCFDIC: Minority Depository Institutions ProgramWomen-owned banks in the U.S. | Mighty DepositsBanking Black: List of Black-owned banks, credit unions, and other ways tosupport Black communities through banking | Mighty Deposits-audience.

The information provided is supported with ample applicable data/evidence.Worth 30 points.

Scientific, Quantitative, or Logical Reasoning & Personal and Professional Ethics Student can analyze historical and current policy of the institution in reference tothe Great Recession or the Coronavirus Epidemic. Worth 15 points.How was your institution affected by the Great Recession? Did your bankreceive TARP or Coronavirus stimulus? What are some policies implemented after the FinancialMeltdown or the Epidemic?Below are a few helpful links

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Student will use to research find the following for the student’s zip code:PopulationIncomeEducationRaceU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( employment by major industry sectorUnemployment ratePoverty rateThis can be a text box inserted any where in the banking project.Worth 5 points.

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Include in your project the current economy as it relates to banks; the passing ofthe CARES Act, the second and third stimulus package. Remember we arelooking at how banks are being used to assist businesses. Think about the shortand long term effects of banks assisting the federal government by making loansto businesses. Worth 10 points.

I’m adding this link to assist you in your discovery as well as those below:What Is in the $900 Billion COVID Second Stimulus Package? ( Trump Signs Stimulus Package—Here’s What It Means For You(

Also consider monetary policy; what tool/tools were used and do you agree ordisagree with the use of the tools. Explain your response.

Additional links are below to assist in your project as a whole.

Worth 10 points.

Scientific, Quantitative, or Logical Reasoning & Personal and Professional Ethics & Technological Competence Agency can be defined as the capacity of individuals to act independently andto make their own free choices. Agency and freedom have meant differentthings at different points in history, from the abolitionist movement to thewomen’s movement to the civil rights movement to occupy Wall Streetmovement to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The student will interview someone at least 20 years older than you. -What were this circumstances surrounding opening their first bank account?Explain. What has been their overall banking experience? Explain-Does having a bank account aid with upward mobility? Explain-Does having a bank account grant or reduce agency? ExplainStudents should ask (create) follow up and or additional questions. Also, thinkhow you would answer these interview questions.Written and Oral Communications

Students should use PowerPoint, Keynote, Heganoo, Prezi or other presentation tools with a minimum of 6 slides note including the title or work cited page.

Worth 20 points.

Information Literacy The student used scholarly resources from the library and/or industry websites.Minimum of four original sources will be highlighted in your work cited page. For your citations, use APA or MLA style citations. The library provides information on how to do these. I good idea is to use a web search to learn which style is used in your intended major. An additional good reference source is Purdue University’s OWL: APA, MLA.

Worth 10 points.

Critical Analysis and Reasoning- Peer review Respond to at least two classmates. You are to use at least 3 of thediscussion prompts in responding to your classmates.

Worth 15 points.

  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning & Local and Global Diversity
  • Scientific, Quantitative, or Logical Reasoning & Personal and Professional Ethics
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning
  • Scientific, Quantitative, or Logical Reasoning & Personal and Professional Ethics & Technological Competence
  • Information Literacy
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning- Peer review

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