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Assignment 5 – Instructions and Submission

Assignment 5 – Instructions and Submission


Assignment 5: Do a Sales Presentation and Report (10%) Instructions and Submission

Assignment 5 is the final assignment in the series relating to your chosen product. In this assignment, you will complete at least three sales calls, using the product overview you developed in Assignment 2; the prospect list you developed in Assignment 3; and the approach, presentation, and sales script you created in Assignment 4.

B. Complete the Assignment

In a report of approximately 1,000 words, document the following:

  1. Your Plan (350 WORDS) (24 marks)
    • Prepare for your sales calls by attaching the worksheets that you completed in the module activities and referring to your textbook and journal for details:
      • Negotiations worksheet (you must use the same format as shown in Figure 13.3 of your textbook) (8 marks)
      • Closing worksheet (you must use the same format as shown in Figure 14.3 of your textbook) (8 marks)
      • Servicing the sale worksheet (you must use the same format as shown in Figure 15.3 of your textbook) (8 marks)
  2. Your Documentation (400 words) (42 marks)
    • You must choose to conduct three (3) face-to-face sales calls with either real prospects that you have identified in Assignment 3 or friends/relatives who are willing to conduct role play. You must meet with a minimum of three people for this part of the assignment. Conducting sales calls over the phone is not permitted. If you are using real prospects, make sure you have written permission from the organization of the chosen product to allow you to act on their behalf.
    • During the call, you must get consent from the prospect to take notes and/or record the session. After each sales call, document the contents ONLY in the following categories. Do not provide unnecessary information such as transcripts of your calls. Use the objection methods, closing methods, and after-sales service technique that you have learned from this module. (14 marks each for three sales calls)
      • Progress/position in the sales cycle
      • Objections raised and addressed
      • Closing techniques used
      • Specific after-sales service priorities identified
      • Action promised/assistance needed—have a plan to deliver this report to someone who can follow up with this actual prospect
      • Any other important information you believe should be documented
  3. Reflection (150 words) (14 marks)
    • How prepared were you after completing the three worksheets? Is there more that you wish you had done to prepare? What additional preparation did you do between sales calls?
    • How far along did the buyer move in the sales call? In retrospect, could you have done or said something different to advance it further?
    • What have you learned about your sales abilities?

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