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Operational Plan

Jennifer Franks

Maryville University

Melynda Pryor

Healthcare Management

April 29th. 2022

Operational Plan

Operational Plan for hiring the right staff

The Problem

In the ideal world, both sides of the candidate and employers would be able to try each

other before signing the contract. The operation problem arises when there is a need to recruit

specific candidates in each department. The Human Resource department is responsible for

hiring all new Staff whenever needed, but it’s not that easy. People might look perfect on paper

but, in reality, are terrible. Sometimes it requires the company to think outside the box and find

the right employees. Different factors cause the problem of hiring the rights staff. First,

identifying suitable candidates from a pool full of unqualified talent makes the organization

engage people available rather than the best. The other factor is hiring as fast as possible to go by

the demand of time. This paper discusses the operational plan to ensure essential information for

the HR department. Details what the HR department should do before, during, and after the

hiring process during the project

Personnel Situation Analysis

The company currently employs 120 personnel. The workforce forces need to double

themselves in terms of capacity. The entire company would oversee itself with 12 managers,

each supervising an average of 202 employees. The expectation for the company is to double its

financial marketing efforts to ensure that there is a need for constant supply outreach. The

Human resources will have to grow to 5 members where one Hr representative will be assigned

to 50 to 100 employees. The company is targeting a lower Hr personnel to meet the requirement

of equal employment opportunity. Customer services and the manufacturing department will be

appreciated adding their numbers. The added numbers will keep the consumers happy

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Operational Plan

Below is a realistic breakdown of the current and future personnel.

Table 1: Personnel Needs

ACME Project Charter

Introduction Quality standards, business objectives, critical success factors, quality, and

duties and roles are outlined in the Project Charter. ACME contributed to the creation of the

Project Charter. The organization must establish clear expectations, and a robust project

management foundation must be set to ensure the project’s success. AFTER ACME adopts the

Charter, the upgrade delivery phase will begin. To monitor progress and determine success, the

Charter will be utilized.

Project Mission Statement (NOT ORGANIZATION)

To ensure that everyone involved has enough health, energy, and pleasure by producing

ethical medications and drugs reasonably priced and expanding in domestic and foreign markets.

Project Scope

The ACME modernization process is in four phases: testing, construction, discovery, and

training. An outline of the scope of work is in the following sections. In addition, there must be a

change management mechanism before any changes can be made to this scop. With this being

said, a sample Change Request Form and additional information will be available.

High-level Requirements

Upgraded to CXS v12 simply by clicking here is the main objective of the Upgrade

project. ACME will now be able to handle more of the system’s day-to-day administration and

reporting, which will free AComPany Ltd from taking it.

Melynda Pryor
this needs clarification as indicated on the week 2 assignment

Operational Plan

Currently, ACME is looking to hire a consultant to assist with implementing its CXS

software. ACME will now be able to use the newly added languages during this upgrade.

Assigned Project Manager and Authority Level

V. Smith will manage the project during the entire duration, including the following the

schedule, scope, budget, and overall performance. Beyond that aspect, the physician champions

and executive team have to agree on decisions for the project.

Summary Milestones

Key dates

The project will begin on May 2

Metrics will be defined by June 10

Planning will occur for 3.5 months

Implementation will go live on June 28

Stakeholder Influences

Program Board: It is the sole responsibility of the Program Board to oversee the

program’s overall direction and oversee the improvement project. When the upgrade is complete,

it signs off to ensure that the business objectives outlined in the SOW are being met.

Ensure that the business objectives outlined in the SOW are being met.

Steering group: Their role is to decide how best to proceed each day based on what was

gathered from previous days. The Project Charter, SOWs, and any Exception report or Change

Orders that do not match the Program Board’s schedule or budget have been delegated. It

answers the Programmer Board. Ensuring enough ACME employees complete the project and

entrusting them with the task will ensure it is completed on time and within budget.

Functional Organizations and Their Participation

Melynda Pryor
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Operational Plan

The following departments listed below will all be part of this project;

Purchasing department- The manufacturing division’s services and raw materials are

supplied to the purchasing department to meet customers’ demands.

Local health department:

Organizational External Assumptions and Environmental Barriers:

Time: More time for details or more time, in general, will be necessary to complete the

project’s tasks. The project’s success depends on many factors, including the number of

individuals involved, their experience, and their talents. Unmanageable time is an essential but

uncontrollable component. When deadlines are missed, though, unexpected things can happen

unexpectedly. The most common reason a company fails to grow is due to the lack of resources

or funds.

Cost: Both the organization and the project manager must be able to come up with a cost

estimate before beginning a project. It is necessary to have a budget to ensure that the projects

are completed under budget and on time. Project managers use more resources to achieve

deadlines, which will increase the project’s cost.

Financial Business Case

T primary focus of this project is the Return on Investment.

Primary prevention is one form of downstream intervention vital to helping people make

positive alterations in their lives or obtain assistance. The more future clients come in due to the

organization’s contact center, and the faster it is to get in, this project will make more money

from the visit and any tests or procedures. Examples include health information, communications

channels like social media, and behavioral modification initiatives. The phrase “interventions”

refers to those that help people improve their mental states and behaviors.

Operational Plan

Executive Project Sponsor with Approval Signature

Professor Duke, Director

Designing a Study

The operational problem is finding the right Staff for businesses. This is a crucial

problem as a company grows and its customer needs also grow. Issues also arise when an

organization hires new employees to different departments and requires people with the proper

skills. Another reason it is a crucial problem is that it impacts an organization’s performance

(Ekwoaba, Ikeije, & Ufoma, 2015). Identifying and recruiting suitable candidates with the right

skills can be challenging, especially since skills do not guarantee the hiring of qualified

candidates. Potential employees should have characteristics and skills that meet the

organization’s needs, and organizations should be objective in their recruitment process.


This study examines the role of the recruitment process and selection in finding the right

staff to meet business needs. To realize this objective; the study hypothesizes that:

1. Selection and recruitment criteria significantly affect finding the right team to meet

organizational needs.

2. The more efficient an organization is during its recruitment process, the better chance it

will recruit the right Employees.

The data that will be measured and collected

The study will measure and collect qualitative data on selection and recruitment criteria

from different organizations. The study will also collect data on the performance of those

organizations to determine whether the recruitment and selection criteria for employees are

linked to the organization’s performance.

Operational Plan

Why Choose this Data

Qualitative data provides detail and depth, and thus it will enable the researcher to

analyze the problem and find solutions to the election situation critically. The study will depend

on the data since selection and recruitment are a vital part of an organization’s resourcing

strategies. These strategies help secure and identify individuals needed to meet the organization’s

goals. Therefore, the primary purpose of selection and recruitment is to create a group of suitable

individuals to choose the right employees. The data that is collected will also assist in

determining some of the challenges that an organization faces during the hiring process that

make organizations end up with the wrong employees who are not able to meet their goals. Last

but not least, it will be beneficial help to further study and build on the objective during the

hiring and recruitment process.

Method of Data Collection

The study will use data collected from existing resources like published articles, libraries,

and the internet. In addition, the study will use data from case studies of different organizations

to gather the necessary data. These case studies will focus on multiple organizations’ recruitment

and selection criteria. This will help draw strengths and conclusions on selecting and recruiting

individuals for a position. These case studies will also offer a performance analysis of the

different organizations. Finally, the study will also perform a review of relevant information that

focuses solely on the objective of this study.

How the data collected will help to find a solution to the problem.

The problem being discussed is how organizations and businesses can find the Staff that

is the best suited for accomplishing the organization’s objectives. The data will help a great deal

in analyzing the situation from a recruitment perspective and the impact on the organization’s

Operational Plan

performance. The data collected will also be beneficial to h finding a solution to the problem by

contributing analysis of different selection and recruitment criteria. In addition to how each

contributes to the performance of an organization. The study will emphasize the value of

objectivity during recruitment and selection processes within organizations through the data.


1. Social Media activities – 10,000 per recruiting program

2. Print media. $40,000

3. Recruiting consulting – $20,000.

4. Ad price – $400 – $2500 per month.



In any business undertaking, it is usually assumed that what you measure is what you get.

Within an organization, the measurement approaches employed will determine the managers’

attitudes and behaviors. Notably, executives also understand that conventional procedures for

measurement can give misleading information that harms the organization’s progress and


Metric Range – this is a specific threshold made up of data range with mathematical

operations on those facts. The meaning of business analysis can be performed on the results. The

range in our system consisted of the top 7 KPI middle six and the bottom six according to their


There are progress colors in the Metric range green shoed good progress as improving,

yellow was showing staying about the same and red showed declining.

Operational Plan

Among the indicators there are financial, internal business process, customer, and

learning and growth indicators.

Since the problem is about hiring the right staff, we have a cost per hire, cost of training,

and many others in the financial indicator sector. On the internal business indicator side, we have

time to hire, quality of hire and many others. The target and actual level are in numbers

(Quesado, Aibar Guzmán and Lima Rodrigues,2018).

These numbers could be percentages, normal numeric or even ratios. They are then rated

to the metric ranges according to how each sub-indicator has performed. After this, they are

ranked, and their progress status is shown (Parker, 2020). The progress can be improving,

staying about the same or declining.


Check figure 1.

Human Resource Department Value Stream Map (VSM)

The VSM aims at providing essential information to the HR department. This information

will contain what to do before, during, and after the hiring process.

(Check Figure 2)

Kaizen opportunities

1. The processes of verifying documents and signing employment contracts can be combined

to one process. While both processes are vital in the registration process, efficiency can be

improved by making them one process. The lead times for both processes are currently 1

Operational Plan

day each thus can be combined to be 1.5 days in total. Similarly the process time for both

processes are 0.5 days each. This can be combined to 0.5 days in total.

2. New recruits can be dispatched to relevant stations at the end of staff orientation exercise.

This therefore eliminates the process of dispatch to relevant stations which has a lead time

of 2 days and a process time of 1 day.

Narrative Explanation

The VSM explains the processes the HR department undertake upon receiving a request to

recruit new staff for a specific department or function. Being the recruiting agency, the HR team

is tasked with employing on behalf of all other business functions. The map outlines the processes

until the idea staff is ready and dispatched to the respective department/work station. The processes

involved are;

1. Vacancy advertisement – this is letting potential applicant know an open position exists

within the organization. This is done through platforms such as the organization website

and career websites such as indeed, glassdoor and LinkedIn.

2. Conducting interviews – from the shortlisted applicant, the recruiting team conducts

interviews to establish the most suitable candidate for each of the listed open positions.

3. Recruit Staff – after successful interviews, the team picks the most suitable candidate from

the interviewed list.

4. Offer Letter dispatch – the recruited staff(s) is given an offer letter containing the terms

being offered by the organization. This as well contains the day of reporting.

5. Welcoming recruits – the HR personnel welcomes the new recruits to the organization as

per the stated reporting date if such staff choose to accept the offer.

Operational Plan

6. Verify documents – through this process, the HR personnel will countercheck the staff

details for authenticity and perform other background checks.

7. Sign employment contacts – both parties are in agreement and thus commits through

signing the terms of employment.

8. Staff orientation – the recruited staff are taken through the various functions and the

organizational structure. Policies and procedures are discussed during this process.

9. Dispatch to relevant work stations – the recruits are handed over to their line management

to start their day to day duties.

The Kaizen opportunities chosen offers space for future improvement of the recruitment

process as discussed. They ensure a shorter duration to the whole process while not missing on

any vitals of the process. Document verification and contract signing can be combined to one

process as the parties involved are the same and thus can be performed concurrently. The end of

staff orientation means the recruits are ready to start day to day work thus dispatching them during

the as the orientation ends cuts out a whole process saving time and resources.

A Plan for Hiring the Right Staff

Our recruiting and retention plan will ensure enough employees are hired to support the

company’s goals. Our hiring process helps the ideal candidate stand out and tests the

competencies required to complete the job. The recruitment plan involves the community,

emphasizing inclusion instead of exclusion. Retention is of utter importance to the organization,

so we strive to retain every employee that walks through our doors. Our recruitment and

retention plan aims to help our employees realize their potential to reduce the turnover rate. We

hope to have a reputation that the community is proud of and depends on.

Expected Targets

Operational Plan

One of the expected targets of this project’s operation plan is to improve the overall

perfomances of the company. Catering for effective recruitment needs excellent and creative

digital and analogue advertisement strategies; offering training and career development programs

will reduce employee turnover and attract fresh and better talents. Offering employees benefits is

essential to every employer because it improves their loyalty. Benefits like career development

are significant because many employees are likely to retain jobs where they are assured of

developing their careers, this will spread outside the company, and fresh talents would want to be

hired by the company.

Achieving the return on investment will not be possible because of the cost incurred in

training the employees and increasing their salaries. Having sufficient funds to sustain the project

is another reason why achieving a return on investment is impossible. To avoid losses in the

facility, the prices for services offered will have to be increased because of the cost incurred

when implementing the project. A price increase will possibly lead to a decrease in demand for

the services offered, thus decreased revenue. Other unknown financial challenges might be

encountered during the process of implementing the project. Until the project becomes

successful and monitored well, it cannot be concluded that the returns on investments have been


Training employees will lead to improved skills, making them attend to clients efficiently

and take newly vacant positions internally with a tremendous experience working at the

company already would be an advantage. Improving the relationship with employees is essential

because the relationship between those in power and their subjects determines the way

employees work. A good relationship will improve employee satisfaction at work (Hulett, 2016).

Operational Plan

Most clients are always after quality services, and only highly skilled employees can achieve


Strategies implementation for recruiting Staff

Recruiting and Hiring Staff is one of the most challenging tasks any company can

encounter. When a company recruits the wrong people for the company, it can be costly

and damaging for the business. There is a significant reward for recruiting the right

people regarding financial success, loyalty, and organizational culture.

Things to be considered when hiring the right Staff,

 first is the identification of the position to be filled

 The budget for the position to be filled.

 what set of skills is required for this role.

 What amount of money is the company willing ti pay to get the right


 The realistic required profile of the person.

 The induction process.

 Is there a company member who can be trained or can do the job?

When the hiring process is ready, the company should uphold the equal employment

opportunity policy. The principle of equal opportunity guides the company in all its endeavors.

The aim is to create a positive, equitable, and productive working environment. This might

include the provision of Staff with an environment that is flexible, safe, appropriate in terms of

culture, friendly, fair, and professional (Lauby, 2018). The principles of equity are our core

elements of planning, recruitment, and when it comes to the selection process at the interview.

Operational Plan

Discrimination advertising is illegal, and fines should be applied to anyone in the

top management who does that because it limits the number of talented individuals who are

qualified for the recruitment process. Instead, a clear and compelling announcement will be

needed (Lauby, 2018).Good strategies like well-written ads will assist primarily in attracting

suitable candidates. Resume preselection that meets the profile standards should be looked into

consideration. Resumes will be reviewed, and candidates who meet the profile will be chosen.

Activities to Be Done In a Pre-Recruitment Period

Before commencing the activities, the manager for the recruitment process must get approval

from the CEO on the following things as stated below.

 Specified requirements regarding recruitment should be required.

 Required timelines should be indicated to the exact date.

 The location of where the position holder is to commence the work should be clarified.

There should be a clear indication from the managers as to where there is a requirement

to withhold the college name in the recruitment advertisement to keep the organization’s


Direct Internal Recruitment and Promotion

In a different situation where a manager wishes to promote an employee who meets the

specified selection criteria for various vacant positions to another internal vacancy, the additional

appointment must be authorized by the CEO, and any go-ahead must first pass to the department

of human resource (Powers, 2018).

The company will ensure that the current rosters of employees with skills that meet the

expected criteria are considered appropriate for a job if the necessary vacancy arises.

Operational Plan

Internal Advertising

When the recruiting committee finds it appropriate, all vacancies will be advertised.

However, the exception to this rule may occur if the position requires skills currently

unavailable within the organization.

There is a high need to advertise for the appointment or position internally.

Just on receiving the approval of the vacant position, HR will ensure it makes a direct

advertisement internally. The ad that will be made internally has to include the following things:

 The title of the position

 Duties required for the position

 Closing date for application.

 The necessary skills that are needed.

All the internal applicants will be required to forward a current copy of their

resume, accompanied by a cover letter, to the application manager for acknowledgement,

consideration, and processing(Lauby, 2018).. All those who meet the required criteria will have

to be interviewed for the position by the selected personnel or panel.

Human resource is responsible for ensuring they recruits and retains the best employees

in their work line, especially if they have excellent skills (Singh, 2019). Human resource is also

responsible for undertaking various steps that will give the information required by an

organization to examine its employee retention problem and establish the retention approach that

will be implemented to curb the issue.

These steps include determining the hiring and retention problem by conducting a needs

assessment, benchmarking, and turnover analysis, creating an action plan and implementing

strategies targeting the problem. The results are then supposed to be evaluated through a

Operational Plan

monitoring plan. For the company center to retain its employees, the institution will establish an

Employee Recruitment and Retention Program (ERRP) that will contain a collection of strategies

implemented by the medical institution to create an atmosphere or environment suitable for the

Staff’s needs.

Staff recruiting involves things like effective vigorous advertising so that it can reach all

the intended audience encouraging employees to avoid turnover and stay in a particular

organization for long or until they retire because retaining employees is beneficial to both

employee and employer, showing the necessity of finding a solution toward employee turnover.

One of the ways to attract applicants is through social media platforms such as

ziprecruiter and LinkedIn (Lauby, 2018). Maximum utilization of the company site to post a job

opening and the company’s upcoming career fairs. Since this has recently been proved to be the

fastest method of recruitment.

On the other hand, internal hiring involves taking various steps into action, for example,

applying motivators, whether they are monetary or not (Singh, 2019). The company will use

motivators capable of satisfying the presented employee’s needs. The significant motivation

aspects that will solve employee retention issues include the environment, relationship, support,

growth, and compensation. Maintaining employees is essential because the organization retains

the employees’ knowledge and skills, which are essential in driving the organization towards

success while achieving its mission and vision.

Strategies to Retain Existing Best Skilled Employees

Compensation motivates employee retention, and organizations use it strategically to

retain employees (Das & Baruah, 2013). The promotion and opportunity for growth reflect the

idea that internal career advancement yields the active commitment of the employees, and failure

Operational Plan

to promote on time or poor promotion decisions depletes the morale of employees causing

voluntary job resignation (Das & Baruah, 2013). Participation in decision-making allows the

employees to develop a sense of belongingness congenial working environment and enhances the

employee-to-employee relationship (Das & Baruah, 2013).

The provision of opportunities for the employees to achieve work-life balance is critical

to minimizing the employees’ physical exhaustion and mental exhaustion. The work environment

and employee retention implement generous human resources policies, provision of privacy, and

sound control, which ensure employee retention due to a sense of privacy and a suitable work

environment (Das & Baruah, 2013). There will be employees who will always be motivated to

learn and develop their skills within the organization and will always look for training and

development. This will give them a competitive advantage within the organization.

Action Plan

Table 2: Employee Recruitment and Retention Action Plan

Effective HR strategies such as effective job vacancy advertisement, career training, good

orientation, training, improved communication, and giving financial and non-financial rewards

will help the company reduce the staff turnover rate. Satisfied employees are more involved in

the organization, which empowers them. They will, in turn, welcome the fresh employees and

empower them too, increasing the retention rate in return.


Operational Plan

The human resource department of every organization is responsible for efficient and

effective staff recruitment strategies administration. For this process to be successful, an

organization needs to have a human resource department with educated individuals concerning

recruitment strategies, employee motivation, benchmarking, and other necessary practices to

ensure the retention program is successful (Singh, 2019). When a company has satisfied

employees, many fresh talents want to join the company. Implementing retention strategies

creates an excellent working environment increasing employee motivation while reducing

turnover. The implementation process involves identifying retention strategies, analyzing their

possible impacts, and communicating them to the involved stakeholders. The system that will be

implemented is outlined in the action plan to reduce turnover and increase the employee

retention rate.

Progress measurement

Assessing the Effectiveness of Recruiting Efforts

The effectiveness of a recruitment plan or efforts can be determined by measuring

the company employee turnover. The primary method of doing this is by dividing the number of

employees who have left the company by the number of those who have remained in the middle

of the month. Now the turnover rate would be gotten by multiple the previous calculation answer

by a factor of 100 (McCain, 2007). The frequency in which the turnover measured is to be made

is monthly. When the results are out, it will tell the company what it needs to do to either

improve or maintain the situation as stipulated in this document.

The recruitment and retention strategy is one of the best designed for the organization’s

success. Adequacy analytics of the current organization to ensure this is a success. All the newly

hired employees will be aware of the company goals and expectations.

Operational Plan

This recruitment and retention plan help fresh talents who want to join our company, and

our employees realize their potential to reduce the turnover rate. We hope to have a reputation

that the community is proud of and can depend on.

Deployment and Sustainment Plan

A deployment and sustainment plan has to be designed to ensure the project is highly

sustained to avoid failure. The deployment and sustainment plan will contain what will be

monitored and how to measure what will be observed. The individual responsible for collecting

information is also included in the deployment and sustainment plan and the frequency of

collecting the required information. The deployment and sustainment plan is an important

document that should be provided to the project’s and company stakeholders to ensure that the

project is implemented and managed.

Table 2/ below is the Deployment and Sustainment Plan

Operational Plan


McCain, D. (2007). Motors and more: A progressive HR case study. [Case study].

Retrieved from

Das, B. L., & Baruah, M., Dr. (2013). Employee Retention: A Review of Literature.

IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM), 14(2), 8-16. Retrieved September 8,

2018, from

Lauby, S. (2018). How to create a recruiting strategy: buy, build, and borrow. Society of

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Powers, M. P., (2018). How to attract and support neurodiverse talent. Society of Human

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Ross, E. (2018). Seven ways employee retention benefits your company. For Us All.

Retrieved September 8, 2018, from

Ekwoaba, J. O., Ikeije, U. U., & Ufoma, N. (2015). The Impact of Recruitment and Selection

Criteria on Organizational Performance.

Quesado, P. R., Aibar Guzmán, B., & Lima Rodrigues, L. (2018). Advantages and

contributions in the balanced scorecard implementation. Intangible capital, 14(1), 186-20

Parker, F. B. (2020). The Hiring Decision: Who Should Be the Next General Manager?.

International CHRIE.

Operational Plan


Personnel Existing Future Plans

Management 8 15

Finance 5 10

Marketing and Sales 6 8

Manufacturing 95 190

Human Resources 2 8

Customer Service 11 20

Total 127 251

Table 1: Personnel Needs

Primary goal: Hire The right Staff and Reduce staff turnover.

Action steps Objectives Department


Timeframe Resources



External Recruitment

Recruit the best fresh talents available

Human resources

Three weeks after the advertisement

Money and Recruiting managers

Quality Recruitment

Internal Recruitment

Recruit the qualified and experienced talents available in the company

Human resources

Two weeks after the advertisement

Money and Recruiting managers

Increased quality retention

Melynda Pryor
what is this?

Operational Plan

Employee training To motivate employees by advancing their knowledgeand skills

Human resource

Two months Money, professional trainers

Increased retention

employee motivation

To increasetheir job satisfaction

Human resource

Three months Professional advice

Increased retention

Improve Communication

To keep the outside and internal company environment at the time.

Human Resource

Three months

An open Mind


ed quality


and retention

Table 2: Employee Recruitment and Retention Action Plan

What to be


Methods of



The person


for collectingdata

Frequency of


How the


will beanalyzed


Percentage increase or decrease of vacancy application per job advertised

Recruitment attendance documents

Recruiting managers

After Every recruiting period

Qualitative data will be analyzed by comparing the results with previous projects.

Increased high-quality external recruitment

Operational Plan




Interviews Human



every month


data will be

analyzed by

comparing the

results with

previous projects.



turnover rate



Interviews Customer

Service representatives

every month

Qualitative data will be analyzed by comparing the results with previous projects.




Employee Satisfaction

interviews Human Resource

every month

Qualitative data will be analyzed by comparing the results with previous projects.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Table 3: Deployment and Sustainment Plan

Operational Plan

Figure 1 The Scorecard

Figure 2 value Stream Map

TARGET RANGE PROGRESS INTERNAL BUSINESS PROCESS INDICATORS ACTUAL TARGET RANGE PROGRESS150 MIDDLE 6 Staying About The Same Time to Hire 100 HRS 70 HRS TOP 7 IMPROVING200 TOP 7 IMPROVING Sourcing Channel Efficiency 60 61 BOTTOM 6 DECLINING800 MIDDLE 6 Staying About The Same Number of Qualified Candidates 45 56 MIDDLE 6 Staying About The Same

21000 BOTTOM 6 DECLINING Submit to Interview Ratio 8:01 6:01 MIDDLE 6 Staying About The Same  Quality of Hire 20% 33% BOTTOM 6 DECLINING


19 BOTTOM 6 DECLINING Impact On Organizational Performance Metrics


65% MIDDLE 6 Staying About The Same Time To Proficiency 1000 HRS 800 HRS MIDDLE 6 Staying About The Same 67% BOTTOM 6 DECLINING Time to Adaptation 1000 HRS 700 HRS Top 7 IMPROVING

Employee Engagement 6 HRS 9.3 HRS TOP7 IMPROVING

Top 7 KPI

Middle 6 KPI

Bottom 6 KPI


Staying About The Same



HR Department Value Stream Map

HR DepartmentPotential ApplicantsRecruit Staff

Offer Letters Dispatched

L/T 5 DaysP/T 2 Days%C&A 70%C/O

Conduct Interviews

6L/T 5 DaysP/T 3 Days%C&A 95%C/O

Advertise Vacancy


L/T 2 DaysP/T 2 Days%C&A 80%C/O

Welcome recruits

1L/T 1 DayP/T 0.5 Days%C&A 92%C/O 3 min

Verify Documents

1L/T 1 DayP/T 0.5 Days%C&A 98%C/O 3 min

Sign Employment Contracts

2L/T 5 DaysP/T 2 Days%C&A 93%C/O

Staff orientation

1L/T 2 DaysP/T 1 Day%C&A 92%C/O

Dispatch to relevant Stations



Melynda Pryor
This is difficult to read. Did not incorporate feedback from the assignment

Operational Plan

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  5. Clіck оn “PRОCEED TО CHECKОUT” at the bоttоm оf the page.
  6. Frоm there, the payment sectіоns wіll shоw, fоllоw the guіded payment prоcess, and yоur оrder wіll be avaіlable fоr оur wrіtіng team tо wоrk оn іt.

Nоte, оnce lоgged іntо yоur accоunt; yоu can clіck оn the “Pendіng” buttоn at the left sіdebar tо navіgate, make changes, make payments, add іnstructіоns оr uplоad fіles fоr the оrder created. e.g., оnce lоgged іn, clіck оn “Pendіng” and a “pay” оptіоn wіll appear оn the far rіght оf the оrder yоu created, clіck оn pay then clіck оn the “Checkоut” оptіоn at the next page that appears, and yоu wіll be able tо cоmplete the payment.

Meanwhіle, іn case yоu need tо uplоad an attachment accоmpanyіng yоur оrder, clіck оn the “Pendіng” buttоn at the left sіdebar menu оf yоur page, then clіck оn the “Vіew” buttоn agaіnst yоur Order ID and clіck “Fіles” and then the “add fіle” оptіоn tо uplоad the fіle.

Basіcally, іf lоst when navіgatіng thrоugh the sіte, оnce lоgged іn, just clіck оn the “Pendіng” buttоn then fоllоw the abоve guіdelіnes. оtherwіse, cоntact suppоrt thrоugh оur chat at the bоttоm rіght cоrner


Payment Prоcess

By clіckіng ‘PRОCEED TО CHECKОUT’ yоu wіll be lоgged іn tо yоur accоunt autоmatіcally where yоu can vіew yоur оrder detaіls. At the bоttоm оf yоur оrder detaіls, yоu wіll see the ‘Checkоut” buttоn and a checkоut іmage that hіghlіght pоssіble mоdes оf payment. Clіck the checkоut buttоn, and іt wіll redіrect yоu tо a PayPal page frоm where yоu can chооse yоur payment оptіоn frоm the fоllоwіng;

  1. Pay wіth my PayPal accоunt‘– select thіs оptіоn іf yоu have a PayPal accоunt.
  2. Pay wіth a debіt оr credіt card’ or ‘Guest Checkout’ – select thіs оptіоn tо pay usіng yоur debіt оr credіt card іf yоu dоn’t have a PayPal accоunt.
  3. Dо nоt fоrget tо make payment sо that the оrder can be vіsіble tо оur experts/tutоrs/wrіters.


Custоmer Suppоrt

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