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BIHI Supply Co. Social Media Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

The marketing plan discusses the goals and advantages for the Company’s social media

marketing. The plan outlines the research on the audience, target information and the channels

used to reach the audience.

According to the company estimates, it has a market share of 0.5% for retail sales. The gross

revenue stands at $17 million and has a year end goal of $19 million and 0.7% market share.

This will be achieved by increasing the number of visitors to the company website by use of

social media sites such s Instagram, Facebook and twitter. There is need to increase

engagement and conversations on these sites to reach the 12% target.

Through social media marketing, we can connect the audience and engage in the customer

conversation while sharing engaging content. Our target audience is the young people or

millennials who are constantly on social sites. Most of them are aspiring students or travelers.

Other individuals may not meet the above description but are ready customers for our products

for instance parents who buy school outfitters such as bags.

Our company creates durable, elegant and affordable bags as its name suggests. The marketing

plan will help the company to meet its social media goals of engagement and increasing

revenue and sales.


To meet the design needs of our customers while maintaining affordable costs and sell at

competitive prices to maintain profits. It will be achieved by creating an online brand awareness

through social media marketing to increase the number of followers through creation of

relevant content to target markets.

The strategy will use Instagram as an audience engagement platform to post at least two posts

a day. Millennials are more connected on Instagram than Facebook. The sites allow the


audience to like, share or comment on the products thus creating awareness. The older audience

can also be engaged on Facebook with a similar strategy.

Hashtags will be created to enhance quality and experience of the customers. More engaging

content with educational information helps sell the product through attention and creation of


SWOT Analysis


 A design focused or motivated audience

 Millennial targeted market audience


 Lack of engaged followers

 Non-consistent posting

 Insufficient engaging content


 Prospecting partnerships or new markets

 Social media outreach through influencers


 Changes in customer needs

 Increased competition

Analysis of Content

The analysis of the market social media strategies reveals that Buhi Co. has a lot to offer in

terms of quality, promotion and more engaging or better content to reach the audience.

Different platforms require unique content for specific audiences. Instagram audience is more

engaged with the product while the Facebook audience require photos and influencers. One

striking thing about Facebook is the constant negative comments on customer service and the


product. It is important for us to creating educational content as well as listen to customer needs

for improvement.

Facebook audience reactions are about likes, shares and comments mostly on blog posts where

people request to buy or simply enjoy learning new things about the products. The Facebook

page has more average engagement. Weekends especially Sundays have the highest

engagement while weekdays such as Thursdays and Fridays have the most shares and

comments. The best timing for most posts is during lunch breaks and evening when people are

mostly free.

Instagram reaches more people with a higher engagement. The audience is mainly interested

in images that are interesting with an intention to purchase. Influencers’ posts have the highest

likes and comments. Therefore, paid content reaches a wider audience.

Analysis of the Target Audience

Our market segments have core target audience of ages between 16 to 28 years. The majority

are male at the Day packer Tom but our target is overall regardless of the audience. This market

segment is about 30% of the market share. It has an estimated income of between $15,000 to

$30,000. The back-to-school target market interests are majorly fashion, bags, style, comfort,

class, black, school supplies and college among others. The city hopper market includes those

that are planning vacations and need fashion and travel bags that are practical. They are about

10% of the market share with ages of 17 to 35 and are mostly female. The income potential is

between $30,000 to 50,000. They are mostly interested in back packs, vacation, exploration,

travel, urban, luggage, adventure, transportation, air travel and packaging among others. Other

markets include those looking for multipurpose bags for their next trip to friends composing of

about 30% share of the market. Those that are starting junior high school with a market

potential of about 5% with revenue income of about $80,000.

Social Media Strategy



#Feel sorted on your adventure #live your life with Buhi. Offer, get 20% discount on our new



Summer is here with us. Click on the link to find our collection of bags that will suit your

needs. Free shipment to your place.

Instagram Strategy

Our main focus will be on Instagram because of our interest on millennials and outdoor is a popular platform among these age groups. Quality photography is the most liked


content on Instagram. The audience will respond more on images with nature, cities and

countries because of the need to travel.

Facebook strategy

Our target audience on Facebook is mature and older with a professional taste. It is a diverse

platform that will allow us to reach all the audience. However, Facebook is sometimes

expensive in promoting content.


The social media marketing plan is a major goal for the company in its ability to grow the brand

awareness and increase engagement. This is possible through numerous likes, comments and

shares of our products. It will help increase sales and revenue of the company.

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