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2.4 Assignment: Reflected Best Self Paper

Getting Started

What are your strengths?

As mentioned in Assignment 1.5(new tab), the positive psychology literature supports the idea that strengths-based approaches (as opposed to focusing on weaknesses) to leader development often is a better use of effort and resources. As we read in the Forbes article last week: “The research results make more sense when we analyze the outcomes of our relationship with strengths. Our strengths are great resources for increasing our energy and making us feel dynamic. It’s not uncommon to lose track of time when focusing on an area where our strengths shine — it’s an experience you may recall from your youth. Usually, these are remembered as joyful moments. The result of putting our strengths into what we are doing is joy, energy and feeling alive” (Suner, 2020). Contrast that with how focusing on weaknesses might feel. As Suner (2020) concluded, leveraging strengths is among the very best approaches to leadership in ways that motivate followers.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

· Explore self-concept, including components such as identity and self-efficacy by soliciting feedback from others as to what constitutes your “best” self.


1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.

2. Compile into one common document all of the email responses you received as a result of your workshop one assignment.

3. Analyze the responses from people in your sphere of influence to identify strengths that were common.

a. What are some of the common words, phrases, or ideas that you see in the various responses?

b. How would you summarize (keyword or idea) some of those common expressions (e.g., create a list of keywords/phrases that capture what you are reading/seeing)?

c. What are the most frequent common expressions?

d. What do you see that surprises you (e.g., unexpected)?

4. Once the responses are analyzed, reflect on your findings. Then write a self-portrait. The self-portrait is a composition of what you learned about yourself. The process is made easier if you begin with phrases like:“I am at my best when….”“When I am at my best…”“People see me at my best when…”

5. This is not a business report that you are writing but rather your story about the strengths that make you the best you can be.

6. After reporting on what you have learned from the email responses, discuss how you can implement the strengths that were identified in ways that would enhance your effectiveness as a leader.

7. Your report should take the form of a two-page reflection paper (500-600 words in a Word document).

8. In addition to course materials, your paper must include at least two additional sources outside of those included in this course’s syllabus.

9. Inasmuch as this is a reflection paper, first-person voice is acceptable.

10. When you have completed your assignment, submit using the Assignment submission link section of Brightspace by the end of the workshop week.

11. All papers are to be written and formatted in accordance with APA Guidelines (7th ed.)

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