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1.5 Assignment: Prep for Assignment 2.4 – Reflected Best Self

Getting Started

Recent research evident in the positive psychology literature suggests that people are more valued by strengths-based approaches in their roles as leaders and followers than the use of deficit or weakness improvement approaches.

One Gallup study, for example, revealed that individuals felt more self-aware, productive, and confident when placing their focus on strengths rather than weaknesses. As you might imagine, this typically leads to lower employee turnover and higher workplace engagement (Suner, 2020).

This assignment will serve as preparation for a reflection paper that you will write and submit during Workshop Week #2. You will want to send out the required emails as soon as possible (see instructions below) so that you have time to review and reflect on the responses you receive.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

· Explore self-concept, including components such as identity and self-efficacy by soliciting feedback from others as to what constitutes your “best” self.


1. You will receive 10 points for the completion of this assignment. 

2. Read the Forbes article: Why Leaders Should Focus on Strengths, Not Weaknesses(new tab).

3. This assignment involves preparation for a reflection that will be part of Workshop 2.

4. Send an email to 10-12 people in your sphere of influence. Include family, friends, peers, subordinates, managers, professional associates, customers/clients, teachers, etc. Phrase the email using the following statement or one similar: The leadership course I am currently taking requires me to complete an exercise called “Reflected Best Self.” I would appreciate your help in completing this activity. Think about the times you have seen me at my best. What did I do that was meaningful to you, people around you, or to an organization to which we belonged? What did I accomplish? What strength do you think I exhibited in achieving this accomplishment? It isn’t necessary to spend a great deal of time writing a response. Just one or two paragraphs will be sufficient. Please respond to this email within the next week. Thanks for your cooperation and support.

5. Submit a simple statement on a single page of a Word document (no APA formatting necessary but be sure to include your name on the page) indicating that you have completed this preparation by sending out the necessary emails by the end of the workshop.

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